Together Fragrance Customisation at Floris London with Rolls-Royce Phantom Chauffeur for Two

£1,980.00 £1,775.00

What’s Included?


  • Private chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom to and from the venue
  • Three-hour consultation for two with an experienced perfumer
  • Luxury gift box with two matching bottles, engraved with your initials
  • Short talk about the history of the oldest family owned perfumery in the world whilst you enjoy a glass of champagne
  • Private tuition on perfume creation with access to the finest fragrances
  • Your tailor-made fragrance will be added to the Floris ledgers, allowing repeat orders for you and your future generations


The area of the brain which processes different smells is strongly linked to memory, emotion and mood; making the sense of smell arguably the most powerful of the five in creating positive experiences.

Not only can old memories re-emerge when we smell a certain fragrance, but we can actually help to make future memories stronger by linking them with a new smell. Floris of London are the oldest retailer of fragrance in England and are still family run today, into their 9th generation.

Their highly experienced perfumers can help you to create the perfect fragrance which takes you back to your childhood, the day you met your loved one or a brand new fragrance which you can wear for your wedding day, forever evoking the strong emotions of the day every time you smell it.

Due to the power of smell, this deluxe perfume experience for two makes an ideal wedding present, Valentine’s Day gift or Mother’s present, sharing the memory with someone special.

Floris London was established in 1730 and has remained in the same premises on Jermyn Street in London for nearly 300 years. Floris has held the warrant of Perfumers to HM The Queen since 1971 and has served the royal family for generations.

Their clients have included A-list celebrities past and present and they even created the bespoke unisex fragrance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day.

In this wonderfully romantic gift experience for two, you can choose from some of the finest ingredients in the world, carefully combining them to make one or two bespoke perfumes.

Your luxury experience will begin the moment your engraved glass bottles arrive in a beautifully presented gift box, ready for you to bring to your session and take home straight away.

The day will then unfold as your private chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom arrives at your address to collect you. Able to pick up guests from any address in London and the surrounding areas, your professional chauffeur will be courteous and attentive, ensuring that you and your guest are comfortable and relaxed before concentrating on the journey ahead.

You and your loved one will travel with no worries, instead freely enjoying one of the most luxurious interiors to be found in any car today.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom includes the space to recline and unwind in unbeatable surroundings, hand-built from fine quality materials and a breath-taking, sleek design.

Thousands of tiny LED lights twinkle above you, creating an ambient, romantic atmosphere. Make use of several personal controls and settings available to create the perfect environment and enjoy each other’s company as you pass through Central London to Jermyn Street.

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a highly qualified Floris perfumer who will offer you a glass of champagne as they provide you with a short introduction into Floris’s heritage.

He or she will then take the time to find out more about the both of you, enabling them to make recommendations of ingredients based on your personalities and tastes as well as the purpose of your bespoke fragrance.

Slowly learn about the art of fragrance creation as your three-hour session invites you to explore different smells and combinations, until you finally build up the perfect harmony for you.

Discover if any of the ingredients spark a strong emotion or memory within you or simply find new scents which you love.

At the end of your session when your bespoke fragrances are complete your unique recipe will become a piece of history as it is safely archived in the Floris ledgers. Not only will your fragrance join those of other clients dating back nearly 300 years, but you also have the opportunity for you or your future generations to reorder, reawakening those senses and memories each and every time.

A thoughtful and touching gift, the ‘Together’ bespoke fragrance creation experience for two with Rolls-Royce Phantom chauffeur makes the best anniversary present or a unique gift for someone who appears to have everything.