Celebrating The Go-Fast Cities - Starr Luxury Cars Launches In America

The scent of warming rubber compressed against the track. A shudder of chatter and laughter shivers through the crowd. A fizzle of excitement in the air that surpasses all expectations. It is May 8th 2022 and the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is about to start. As the inaugural Floridian event, this day marks the start of a new era for the fastest motorsport in the world. And nestled right in the heart of the celebrations, you’ll find the Starr Luxury Cars team.

Attending this history-making event was always going to be something to remember. We were surrounded by the world’s forefront marques in the heart of extreme racing. Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes – these names have become synonymous with unprecedented speed and cutting edge technology. The race was set to be the first since 1959 in the US state and boasted a track intended to encourage close driving while prioritising safety. Not to mention the plethora of recognisable names on the grid, from the UK’s own Lewis Hamilton through to the Belgian one-to-watch, Max Verstappen.

If we were to forgo the excitement that buzzed through our veins as Verstappen set the fastest lap the 54th time round. Or when Lando Norris collided the rear tyre of his McLaren into Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri and triggered a virtual safety car. Or even when Verstappen stepped up to claim pole position ahead of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. If we passed over these events and didn’t use them as a reminder of why Formula 1 is such a formidable force in our diary, the reignition that this weekend imparted on our love for luxury cars would still have burned brighter than ever before.

The same passion was palpable throughout the crowd – it was abundantly obvious that the fire for these prestige names had set aflame the entire nation. And, it was with that we knew – Starr Luxury Cars had to find its place in the States.

Starr Luxury Cars Launch

Starr Luxury Cars Expand Into The US

Luxury car hire affords drivers the opportunity to explore their surroundings while enveloped in the epitome of elegance. Expanding into the US means that we can continue offering the same premium prestige car hire experience in some of the most beautiful spots across America. Starr Luxury Cars are now able to offer Self-Drive and Chauffeur Hire Services in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Austin. Create driving experiences like no other. Discover the heart of each city way beyond the tourist sites and drink in your cultural surroundings. Explore with your family or dedicate time to enriching your relationship. Luxury car hire even makes it easier to elevate corporate business travel, offering opulent and memorable experiences for your VIP guests.

With a fleet containing some of the most iconic, memorable and signature vehicles available to our US-based customers, we’re confident that luxury car hire will become the ultimate in experience travel here in no time.

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch

Explore white-sand beaches, quaint nostalgia and locally sourced produce with luxury car hire in Miami

The future home of the annual F1 race, Miami had to be one of the first cities we expanded into. For those visiting or residing in the metropolitan area, this iconic spot is known as the home town of sunshine, luxury shopping experiences and five-star hotels. It is a vivid explosion of culture with art festivals, museums and international cuisine on every corner and there is no better way to explore the area than by car.

Stick with the locals and embrace the overwhelming fancy for Italian automotives here. Hire a Ferrari California T and drive South for just a few hours. You’ll hit Key West – the southernmost point of the U.S widely recognised as the life and soul of the party. Fold down the hard top roof and put your foot down. With 552bhp beneath your feet and the rumble of the V8 at your disposal, you’ll discover the perfect blend of supercar craftsmanship and subtropical paradise.

Choose west and you’ll end up in Palm Beach. A notorious hotspot for the world’s most recognisable celebrities and billionaires, this beautiful location is awash with unique charm. Blend into your surroundings and hire a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. Cutting through the horizon and rumbling with the powerful V10 engine, this soft top beast is the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship. Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your back and watch those stately palm trees pass you by.

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch Ferrari 296 GTB

Discover Hollywood elegance and poise in the home of the stars with luxury car hire in Los Angeles

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to the Hollywood sign. Make like an Oscar winner and do this the right way – by hiring a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Cullinan. Settle into the plush leather interior, indulge in a glass of champagne and allow your professional chauffeur to take you on a climb of the hills. The car’s 6.7-litre V12 engine hosts power and a honed suspension that drinks in every bump and means you won’t spill a single drop.

If it’s the thrill of riding the waves or access to some of the most elusive shopping malls you’re after, there’s no better place than Malibu. With over 30 miles of beach coastline and a plethora of wineries to discover, it is a must-stop spot for anyone in the LA area. Exploring the city by road needs a vehicle that befits the exquisite surroundings and none matches the bill quite like hiring a Ferrari 488 Spyder. With the top down, cutting-edge handling technology and a 660bhp at your fingertips, it brings the warmth, beauty and ambience of this iconic town into your driving experience.

Discover the hidden LA with one of the many scenic drives that snake around the city. Make your way from Angeles Crest to Mount Wilson and you’ll pass the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains. Located close to an ocean moisture source, these peaks defy the warmer weather you’ve left behind and create a sight so beautiful, that you’ll want to stop for photos. Take the Lamborghini Huracan Coupe along for the ride and listen as the V10 rumbles through the rocky terrain. The all-wheel drive system and innovative Piattaforma Inerziale Lamborghini give you full control over your movements and adjust to your surroundings.

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch Cadillac Escalade

Shoot for the stars with unforgettable luxury car hire in Houston

The home of America’s space exploration programme, Houston has a unique allure. It has been toted as the coolest city in the US, awash with green spaces and flushed with culture at every angle. The NASA Centre is an unavoidable addition to any travel itinerary, giving you and your family a unique insight into the daily working life of astronauts. Hire a Mercedes G63 AMG Brabus for the journey and make an entrance upon your arrival. This powerhouse of a beast makes its presence known on the roads with an impressive 789bhp and two high-performance turbocharges under the bonnet. Not only does it give you the power to snack around Houston’s roads but you’ll have enough space for the entire family and your daily luggage too.

Step away from technology and rediscover the olden days with a trip to Brenham, Texas. The home of Blue Bell Creameries ice cream and bluebonnet flowers, this rural town has a quaint appeal. Exploring the smaller spots throughout Houston is a must and the best way to do this is by indulging in luxury chauffeur hire in the brand new 2022 Cadillac Escalade. A statement all of its own, this flagship car boasts fine leather, genuine wood and a large curved digital display within the dashboard. Turn on your favourite music, indulge in a moment of calm or roll down the windows and drink in the aesthetics of the rural countryside as you move.

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch Bentley Beytaga

Rich in history and a powerhouse of creativity, discover luxury car hire in Atlanta

The birthplace of visionary Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King, Atlanta is most widely known for its abundance of American history. It is home to Stone Mountain Park – one of the city’s most visited attractions. Indulge in exquisite luxury and drink in this historic site from the comfort of the Rolls Royce Dawn. You’ll sit enveloped in a haven of sophistication while the warm sun beats down on your face and your entire travelling party discovers the beauty of the world’s largest Confederate Memorial Carving. Whether you step out to climb right to the top or stay relaxing in the plush leather seats, this handmade luxury car for hire takes you to new heights of comfort.

When travelling with family and young children, access to activities for everyone is essential. Lake Lanier is a haven for outdoor adventurers, providing a wealth of water activities and fun for everyone. You’ll need to come prepared with towels, clothes and perhaps even food and, for this, you’ll need the space to accommodate. Hire a Bentley Bentayga and discover the true charm of commanding design and innovative technology. With 484 litres of boot space (1,774 litres if you fold down the rear seats) and space for up to 5, you’ll be able to sink into luxury to and from the lake.

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch Lamborghini Urus

Find your place on the roads of Texas’s capital with luxury car hire in Austin

Awash with iconic sites such as the State Capitol Building, Austin is one of the U.S’s quirkier locations. It is widely recognised for its music and delicious food as well as being voted one of the best places to live in America. To truly appreciate the area, you have to hike and the only place to do this is at Enchanted Rock. Standing at 425-feet, this pink granite batholite mountain will take you just over 2 hours to complete. Your feet will need a haven of comfort after such a hike and that’s exactly what you’ll discover in the Mercedes Benz S550. The gold standard of large luxury cars, this exquisite vehicle boasts a host of technology and leather-clad interiors for that post-hike energy dip.

Exploring Austin isn’t complete without a visit to their many wineries and the Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 is the best way to drink it all in. Hire a luxury chauffeur and enjoy a tipple at every winery, vineyard or unique dining experience. Or indulge in the beautiful scenery behind the wheels of a self-drive Lamborghini Urus. The marque’s first SSUV, it merges the functionality of a 4×4 with the power of a sports car. Feel the rumble of the twin-turbo V8 as it brings 650mph to your fingertips and a top speed of 189mph.

Cool off from the hot Texan sun in Zilker Park’s Barton Springs Pool. Measuring 3 acres in length and fed from underground springs, this heated pool can be used all year round. Take a leisurely trip behind the wheels of a Rolls Royce Wraith. The most powerful vehicle ever created by the marque, its sculpted silhouette and athletic prowess make it a force to be reckoned with. Not only will you sit surrounded by comfort, but you’ll have the space to relax after the exertions of your swim.

Starr Luxury Cars bring unrivalled and unforgettable luxury car driving experience to the hands of American customers

The shared passion for prestige car hire was evident during our trip to the Miami Formula 1 race – there’s no doubt about it. However, it was inconceivable that Starr Luxury Cars would expand into these cities without a team that could uphold our exceptional focus on customer service. Our customers are our number ones – your experience sits at the heart of everything we do. From tailored luxury chauffeur packages that include luxury alcohol deliveries, hostess support or full bodyguard protection through to self-drive luxury car hire for your own enjoyment, we redefine the meaning of opulent car hiring.

Our US-based team maintains the same level of professionalism as our UK office. We continue to provide advice and guidance to every customer, to help them craft a driving experience that fits their every need. Discover luxury travel, self-drive or chauffeur driven city trips that create unforgettable memories and know that we are always here to help.

To discuss your US-based luxury car hire needs, please get in contact with our team overseas