Starr Luxury Cars Partners With Hotel Café Royal
To Bring Luxury Sports Car Hire To Prestige Clientele

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Hotel Café Royal x Starr Luxury Cars

Some partnerships just make sense. The love affair between gin and tonic. The iconic blend of Moët & Chandon. And now, the union between Starr Luxury Cars and the Hotel Café Royal. Until September 2022, we have partnered with the exclusive 5* Regent Street hotel to create an experience like no other. Choose to slip beneath the sheets of luxurious beds in the hotel’s exclusive Signature Sheets and you’ll also have the opportunity to feel the power of some of the world’s most coveted luxury sports cars.

A world first and a partnership we are incredibly proud to be a part of, it brings the roar of exquisite vehicles and the heritage of celebrated marques to your fingertips. Luxury car hire in London is like nothing else. In a city of unprecedented culture and historic beauty, it’s not hard to craft memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the opportunities you open up when you consider that England is a country of exquisite beauty far beyond the walls of its cities. Exploring the rolling Surrey hills, drinking in AONB throughout Kent or travelling further afield, doing so behind the wheel of your favourite supercar promises to drive thrill levels sky high.

Pair this with the opportunity to retreat within the walls of the Hotel Café Royal with a swim in their Akaha Holistic Wellbeing Spa or a delectable meal in The Gallery. Moments like this don’t happen very often and we’re here to bring these dreams into reality.

Starr Luxury Cars Partners With Hotel Café Royal

Going Beyond The Doors At Hotel Café Royal

Conceived in 1865 and fully renovated in 2012, Hotel Café Royal holds a unique beauty within the hustle of Regent Street. It is steeped in history, once thought to have the greatest wine cellar in the world. Throughout the years, it has become a firm favourite for many of the world’s greats, from Oscar Wild through to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Winston Churchill. While this certainly drove the magnetic appeal sky high for many, for others it was the exquisite architecture that built the most excitement. The Grade II listed building maintains the distinctive sophistication of the 1860s with the opulence of the 1920s. Grand classical features adorn the walls while a focus on refined simplicity emulates from every corner.

For their keen attention to detail, exceptional reputation and place within England’s great hospitality industry, Hotel Café Royal were the perfect partner to work with when creating each of our exclusive hotel stay and driving packages.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Bentley GTC

Discover luxury car hire in the heart of London

What sets us apart from the others is our fleet. Starr Luxury Cars are proud to have an ever-expanding fleet of prestige cars for hire – the largest in the UK. We bring the most iconic marques, the finest vehicles and premium-grade customer service to every single one of our clients. As part of your package, guests have the opportunity to slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, feel the rumble of a Lamborghini or travel off-road in a Range Rover. We give you the opulence of a Bentley, the undeniable allure of a Porsche or the sleek silhouette of a Jaguar, with the right car selected to suit your driving requirements.

With such a large fleet to choose from, the only issue you’ll have is knowing which vehicle to set your eyes on for your next stay.

Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Make an entrance with the Lamborghini Aventador SJV

An iconic evolution from the Aventador, discover the power of a Lamborghini SJV. A car of raw and unprecedented emotion, it embodies the low driving height and horizontally sweeping lines that this marque has become iconic for, but heightened. The futuristic body has been honed for aerodynamics, designed to take you to breathtaking speed with exceptional control.

The powerful V12 engine delivers 759bhp and will take you to 60mph in an unprecedented 1.8 seconds. And while you’re unlikely to reach those speeds around the streets of London, you’re sure to turn heads with the deep rumbling growl that you leave behind. Outside, the abundance of carbon fibre makes the car impressively light and easy to manouver while the inside has been designed for the driver in mind. Leather and Alcantara upholstery with cross-stitching and the signature SJV Roadster plaque ensure every onlooker understands the mastery of the vehicle you’re driving.

Explore the streets of London and drink in the most historic sites. Or, test the SJV’s power capabilities and take it further afield. It is the ideal track day supercar while also giving you a unique viewpoint from which to drink in our luscious countryside.

2021 Ferrari Portofino

Embrace Italian luxury with the Ferrari Portofino

Feel the sun on your back and power at your feet with the Ferrari Portofino. A convertible model from the signature marque, it makes a statement at the first glance. Everything from the sleek curves of the silhouette through to the 20: wheels and V8 engine cry out for admiration as it rolls by. This is a vehicle to be seen in and one that embraces Ferrari’s true history.

Behind the wheel, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo engine will put 441kW at your disposal with a top speed of 198mph. Everything about the vehicle has been designed to improve its drive. The stiffened suspension, adaptive dampers and quickened steering wheel allow you to take corners with speed and confidence. Inside, you’ll find an impressive amount of space for 4 passengers, although you can gain much more by just taking a single passenger. The 10.2” infotainment screen puts control over driving and your enjoyment into your control. Play your favourite music, connect with others via the phone or simply switch it all off and allow the car’s audible symphony to complete your trip.

Glide throughout London, watching the bustle of people from the comfort of Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Or, move further afield and test the engine to its max, booking a track day at Brands Hatch or Silverstone for the full experience.

Starr Luxury Ferrari Hire UK F8 Tributo

Drink in the essence of a V8 with the Ferrari F8 Tributo

Perhaps the final creation of its kind by the Italian marque, melt into the power of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. While V8 engines have long been a signature here, it seems that a shift to smaller V6s in future designs could mean that this supercar is your last opportunity to appreciate it fully. And, there is so much to appreciate.

The body itself is iconically Italian, with a low suspension and sweeping curves. It has been designed for speed with a host of technology within Race mode to give you confidence on every curve. Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and responsive steering mean this is a car to have fun with – whether you’re on the track or the road. It has an undeniable presence and one that you’ll feel rushing through your body at every traffic light.

Inside, there’s no denying you’re enveloped in a Ferrari. Black and red stitched seats curve around your body while the redesigned steering wheel feels explosive on the first touch. For you and one other passenger, the drive will feel like a rush of speed, power and excitement – regardless of whether you’re sticking to the city sites or taking off on the motorway for a far-flung adventure.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Porsche Taycan

Create iconic memories behind the wheel of the Porsche Taycan

Noted as the purest expression of Porsche, now is the time to delve into the niche of electric supercars. The beauty of doing this behind the wheel of a Porsche Taycan is that you get to experience it at the highest of levels. As a vehicle, it is undoubtedly crafted by the German brand, with everything from the exquisite interiors to the signature silhouette calling out to every passerby.

Under the bonnet, and much to the amazement of anyone who witnesses it, the vehicle holds incredible power. At the top end of the scale, the Turbo S model brings you 615bhp and will take you to 62mph in approximately 2.8 seconds. With carbon-ceramic brakes and 21”, 9.5” wide tyres, the vehicle sticks to the road, building impressive speed and giving you the confidence to break late into every turn. All of this in an electric engine that is effortless and silent – especially when travelling around the city. If you’re someone who stows away from the limelight, this supercar allows you to do just that with impressive style.

Inside, you and three other passengers can melt into the super low seating set-up. Feel connected to the vehicle’s essence while enjoying full control through the wealth of screens fitted into the dashboard. As the driver, you can flick between the four driving modes – Range, Normal, Sport and Sport+ – using the controls on your steering wheel. And, you’ll even find a conveniently sized 366-litre boot alongside a front storage space for your smaller items.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Bentley GTC

Choose impressive opulence with the Bentley GTC

After indulging in the comfort of an exquisite Signature Suite, discover a vehicle that continues to deliver an exceptional experience with the Bentley GTC. The vehicle is the very soul of Bentley – large, imposing and undeniably stylish. While it is heavy, an abundance of technology packed underneath the bonnet makes it a dream to drive. Externally, you’ll still spot the signature grill and curved lines and inside the cockpit is awash with luxury wood and leather details.

The most recent model within this range has been honed to perfection. 0-60mph takes 3.5 seconds while the stiff suspension allows it to melt into the road, prioritising the comfort of you and your passengers. Bentley also boasts a top speed of 208mph, even though the body of the GTC feels more akin to relaxed and enjoyable exploration. This is the vehicle in which to take those longer journeys. Nestled into the plush seats, you’ll find even more beauty in the rolling hills, the abundance of wildlife and expansive coastlines. Even the hustling streets of London drown into a comfortable humm when you roll up the windows and lean back. Nothing quite says luxury like a haven of calm in the heart of London town.

Delivering an experience like no other at Hotel Café Royal

This new partnership promises to elevate luxury hotel stays and luxury car hire throughout London. It allows guests staying in one of Hotel Café Royal’s exquisite Signature Suites an experience that will far outweigh any others. Each one has been crafted to offer the ultimate guest experience.


Discover the Royal Suite. Crafted to feel like a private residence, this suite is unrivalled in space. It boasts two luxurious bedrooms and living quarters with a fully equipped kitchen and three bathrooms. For something more intimate, the Presidential Suite weaves together the past and the present. It is a private residence space with two bedrooms, an exquisite master bedroom and two living areas. The golden-hued walls, rich gilding and carefully restored cameos deliver an unforgettable experience on every stay. Finally, for the ultimate in rock ‘n’ n roll prestige, the Dome Penthouse nestles in the heart of the Grade II listed section of the building. The master suite has a circular open space, situated underneath an iconic copper domes rotunda. Two further bedrooms have been crafted from English Oak while a duo of terraces provide the best views of London for your guests.

Book your dream stay and driving experience today

To discover the exceptional opulence of Hotel Café Royal’s exquisite Signature Suites and the exhilarating thrill of luxury supercar hire, make your booking directly with the hotel.

Our full fleet of luxury cars is available to view on our website here.