Luxury Chauffeur Service To London’s Best Restaurants?

The British Summer is coming to an end, so that means all the Alfresco dining in London is soon coming to a halt as we put away our summer frocks and see the diminishing number of supercars that grace the Mayfair and Knightsbridge streets.

Summer officially ends on September 22nd. So we have one more week of enjoying Super cars in and around London while dining Alfresco. With this in mind, we have complied a small list of restaurants or hot spots that are best for alfresco dining, people watching while admiring your super car. Bear in mind that if you don’t own a super car, you can always hire a super car from our vast selection of Self-drive hire supercars in our fleet.

Chiltern Fire house

Park right outside 1 chiltern street and head into this celebrity hang out. You might not necessarily be able to see your car outside, but you should be on the look out for the stream of celebrities that you can bump shoulders with. Well known faces from the likes of David Cameron, David Beckham to Lyndsay Lohan, Kate Moss, have all been to this hot spot with a fantastic outdoor dining terrace.

The Ivy Chelsea Kings road.

British and Modern restaurant on Kings road with an excellent outside space, and front porch outside dining perfect for people watching and keeping an eye on the neck-swinging attention your supercar commands.

You would not have to announce yourself when you arrive. The Maitre D can hear the va va voom of your arrival. This is always an obnoxious but fairly acceptable way to say, look at me, I drive luxury and I am here to eat as light as possible so when I speed down the road, there is not too much traction by the weight I could pile down by surfing through the entire menu.

Mamounia Lounge Mayfair.

This is right smack down in the thick of it all, if you are hauling down your shopping bags from harrods, then it is a perfect pit stop, the restaurant is draped in gold and has an Arabic feel and appeal to it. You will be sure to see the Young and very wealthy boys and girls from the middle east grabbing an afternoon snack. We hear the Marrakesh salad laced with delicious mango is a favourite of the guests. There is a strong probability you will see a Lamborghini or a Mercedes G63 pull up while you are dining and join you.


Very upscale, impressively Italian with service and food. You can start of at breakfast, catching the suits strut down Jermyn street. Smoked salmon, avocado and a cigar are very much welcome choice while you admire your Rolls Royce Dawn Black badge parked on the single yellow 4 feet away. The key is to make sure you have enough Cigars to puff away into the mid-afternoon. Don’t forget to cross your legs, you always have to look stylish, although you are driving quintessentially british, stay Italian Stylish, and yes, we are well aware, that a Rolls Royce is not a super car, but the black badge gets a pass from us.


A stone-throw away from all the car spotters, on Sloane street. This is a perfect spot to alfresco dine if you are into French food. The deco is very traditionally French and the food tastes really good. Kudos to head chef. The scenery of sloaney pony’s taking their daily mid-afternoon stroll or the young gentleman taking out his jaguar F-type for a spin around the square. Amidst all this, we encourage you to pick up a McLaren this week. Buy one if you are so inclined or hire one from us. We have a very vast range of McLaren super car hire available in our fleet.

Now that you have the full list of tasteful restaurants to enjoy lunch and soak up the last week of the summer, enjoy it in your own luxury car or drop us an email on  At Starr Luxury cars, we can get you into the best luxury car for the week so you can enjoy indulgent driving and soak up the last days of the British summer. Check our options and pick your marque on the self drive hire page.