Luxury Insurance Replacement Vehicles

Luxury Insurance Car Hire Replacement

We understand that your luxury car is incredibly important to you, your family or your business.
Whilst using it, you quickly become accustomed to how it runs, the driving modes, the size and the familiarity of the interior. And without it you may find your everyday travelling and commitments become a lot more difficult. That is why, if you have an accident or breakdown, we can help to source your like-for-like replacement vehicle quickly and effectively. Working both with individuals and car insurance companies directly, we can help to reduce your stress and inconvenience by providing the same model that you own, or in a small number of cases, the most similar model possible, which has been fully approved by you before use.
Due to the unique situations of each of our clients, our luxury insurance replacement vehicle pricing is bespoke, tailored to your individual requirements and circumstances. We have years of experience in providing luxury hire cars to personal and corporate clients and an extensive fleet of prestige hire cars, with numerous industry sources and contacts should you own a car which is not a part of our normal offering. Whether you are looking for a replacement Bentley as part of your insurance cover or you own a limited-edition Lamborghini, our team enjoy the challenge of pairing our clients to their perfect luxury car for short or long-term hire.

Whenever we have overseas clients looking to entertain, we alaways choose Starr Luxury cars for their impressive selection and high quality Aston Martin hire fleet. The service and experience that they provide is second to none and the condition of the cars in unrivalled.

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Bespoke Pricing Options: Deals Tailored to Your Requirements

As every client’s situation is unique, we do not have set pricing for luxury insurance replacement vehicles. Discuss the prestige car model you need with our expert team along with the likelihood of length of hire, address and any other specific details and we will build a bespoke pricing package to be sent for your approval. If your like-for-like luxury replacement car is covered by your insurance policy, we will get in touch with your insurance company directly and arrange for payment to be made through them, allowing you to receive your replacement car as quickly as possible, whilst minimising the disruption to your everyday driving.
Our fleet of luxury hire cars available as insurance replacement vehicle include top models from reputable marques such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes. As we continuously add to our fleet, we have access to the latest luxury car releases as well as some of the most popular classic cars, including 2020 SUVs and supercars. So, no matter the model you drive or how expensive it was, we can source the same luxury model at an affordable price, with the costs paid directly by your car insurance company.

Whether you are used to the space of a luxury Range Rover model or the speed of the latest Ferrari, Starr Luxury Cars can source the ideal replacement to minimise the disruption to your life. Over the years we have sourced cars for clients with very particular requirements, putting us in the perfect position to find a prestige hire car which is as close to your normal vehicle as possible. On the rare occasion that we cannot match your usual model exactly, we will always strive to keep you satisfied, sourcing the closest possible luxury car, which will be offered as an option for your approval. The happiness of our clients is of the utmost importance and we will continue to discuss with you until all parties are content with the choice of prestige insurance car replacement, ensuring you have a smooth luxury insurance replacement vehicle hire service.

Whether you rely on your car to get to work, to transport your family to school and appointments or to travel in between meetings, our luxury insurance replacement vehicle service is perfect for both businesses and individuals. Keep the same number of seats, the same amount of boot space and internal storage and the same luxury materials that you are accustomed to, allowing you to continue your everyday driving as normal whilst you wait for repairs or a settlement. We understand that having a breakdown or accident can be a very stressful experience but we strive to make this as easy as possible for you, allowing you to keep any plans; still go on that luxury weekend road trip or impress a new client in the same way you would have done before, with very little input into the

Each luxury car for hire on our fleet undergoes regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that you experience the feeling of driving a brand-new car every time you hire with us. With hundreds of happy clients and numerous five-star reviews, we guarantee that you will be impressed with the standards that your chosen luxury vehicle is kept in. Simply select a model or get in touch with our expert team to discuss your current vehicle, let us know how long you need it for and book, arranging for your luxury car to be delivered to any address in the UK for added ease.

The service we provide is of the highest standard, ensuring current business relationships are also maintained through exceptional airport transfers or trips to and from the office.

Our long-term corporate car hire packages allow you the freedom to drive the car you want without all the added hassle of standard leasing. Our luxury car hire packages are flexible and tailormade to suit your individual needs, be that hire for a day or a set number of months. Each of our prestige car models comes with the option of long-term hire, perfect for providing a refined and practical business car with the additional comfort and conveniences found in modern luxury cars.

Our fleet is ever-growing, allowing you the freedom to enjoy some of the newest models on the market without being tied down and, as with our short-term and one-off car hire options, we can source specific models or work to specific requirements to ensure you get the luxury car hire experience you are looking for

How Quickly Can My Luxury Replacement Vehicle Be Arranged?

With the biggest fleet of luxury hire cars in the UK, in most cases we can arrange a like-for-like luxury
car replacement very quickly, often within 24 hours. We have models kept up and down the country
and can arrange either a collection or delivery service, allowing you to receive your replacement
quickly to reduce your time without a car.
Occasionally, if you own a very specific or limited-edition car which we do not have on our fleet or
require certain features which we don’t have as standard, we may need additional time to find the
perfect model. But with much experience sourcing specific models for private clients and a wealth of
contacts from the luxury car industry, we will always strive to provide you with the ideal luxury
replacement vehicle as soon as possible.
We work with both individuals and car insurance companies directly and, once a vehicle has been
approved by both parties, we recover the costs from the insurance company, leaving you to enjoy
your replacement car as quickly as possible.

Five-Star Service: Benefit from a Dedicated Team to Help You at Every Step

Our highly qualified and reliable team are experts on everything to do with luxury cars. Not only are we on hand to offer advice and recommendations on the perfect insurance replacement car following an accident or breakdown, we can discuss individual needs or tastes with clients to ensure nobody is left disappointed. The only thing we prioritise above the maintenance of our cars is the happiness and wellbeing of our clients and we will be available every step of the way to ensure you
have the best luxury insurance replacement vehicle hire service in the UK.
For further information on our luxury insurance replacement vehicle service or the models we have as part of our fleet, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to begin arranging the short-term or long-term hire of our prestige hire cars.

Source the Perfect Prestige Insurance Replacement Vehicle for Your Customer

Offering one of the best luxury car hire services in the UK, our team is fully equipped to provide the perfect luxury insurance hire vehicle for car insurance companies. We know that it is important for your reputation you meet your car insurance customers’ demands quickly and accurately and can work with you and your customers to find the ideal model and get it delivered promptly to minimise disruption.

Our pricing is highly competitive, allowing you to source luxury hire cars whilst remaining affordable and reducing the cost to your company. With prestige models from the likes of BMW, Audi and Tesla, we can cover the needs of any client, allowing you to uphold an excellent service with reliable luxury car hire.