The New BMW X7 is Unveiled: Hire a BMW X7 in 2019

The latest in luxury, refinement and power is nearly here, with BMW due to release the new BMW X7 in February 2019. Due to join the 7 series at the top end of their offering, the BMW X7 is a prestige SUV with an intimidating road presence. Drivers can look forward to a supersize sports activity vehicle with space for up to seven seats, four-wheel drive and one of the most luxurious interiors on the market today. With retail prices starting at over £72k, the new BMW X7 hire car is expected to become strong competition for the likes of Range Rover, Audi and Cadillac in terms of looks, exclusivity, comfort and performance.

The 2019 BMW X7 Interior and Exterior Design

The BMW X7 has been given its own unique design, setting it apart from the elite marque’s previous SUV models. Not only is it the biggest SUV BMW has ever built, the exterior is completed with a domineering front grille, bold profile and clean, sleek features. It is noticeably different yet distinctly recognisable as BMW, providing the driver with a stand-out luxury hire car which epitomises status, power and extravagance, perfect for hiring for a group UK break, a prestigious event or a luxury family holiday.

Inside, the luxe continues with soft and supple Merino leather which covers the seating, dashboard and doors, complimented by a metal trim and wooden veneer panelling. To finish the stunning design, both driver and passengers are immersed in their surroundings with thanks to the giant panoramic sunroof which can be partly or fully-opened or left closed, glistening with LEDs to give the appearance of the night’s sky.

The Very Best in BMW Infotainment and Standard Features

The new infotainment system offers strong competition in the luxury market. It is able to recognise verbal commands and gestures and can adjust the cabin surroundings and settings based on how you’re feeling, to enable the best and most comfortable driving experience. The new BMW X7 hire car also includes a top of the range sound system alongside wireless phone charging and optional rear seat infotainment screens.

On top of the internal features which make the BMW X7 one of the best SUVs to hire in the UK, safety is a top priority. It is able to recognise the rare occasion when pedestrians, cyclists and other cars become too close, enabling automatic emergency braking to help avoid accidents.

The New BMW X7’s Engine Options and Performance

Despite its phenomenal size, drivers can expect impressive handling and performance. The new BMW X7 will come in a choice of three models, with the most basic able to go from 0-62mph in 7 seconds and the more advanced options doing the same in as little as 5.4 seconds. Considering the high-end SUV was not designed for speed, the BMW X7 hire car leaves you wanting nothing, offering more than enough to suit everyday needs.

Automatic suspension alterations give the car more stability when nearing its top speeds, allowing for peace of mind when taking quick corners. BMW will also be offering an off-road package, letting you drive on several terrains including snow and sand, whilst retaining the outstanding performance you can experience on UK roads.

Hire a BMW X7 in 2019 for the Perfect Blend of Practicality and Luxury

The seven seats are split across three rows, making enough room for up to seven adults to sit comfortably. Even when all seven seats are occupied space is still as a premium, with the additional boot space offering plenty of space for luggage and belongings. BMW have enabled easy loading and unloading as again, the suspension can be altered, lowering the car for effortless access, ideal for everyday chores but also helping to make a weekend break as stress-free as possible.

Described as the most high-end SUV BMW has ever built, we can’t wait to officially get one on our books. The BMW X7 will be available to hire in Spring 2019 so whether you’re looking to try before you buy or think it would be the perfect prestige hire car for that UK break next year, get in contact with us to secure your booking and get ready to experience the next level of luxury from the German brand.