Top Five Supercars: How to Flash Your Cash Without the Need for a Wallet

You don’t need to be an automobile expert to know a good car when you see one, or hear one for that matter. The sleek, long hood design combined with a big engine and roaring exhaust can only mean one thing, an expensive supercar that was built to perform. You may have heard the saying that dogs look like their owners but can the same be said for the cars we drive? Can you guess exactly who is in each supercar you see and the life they lead? Let’s take a look at five of our top supercars, who might hire them and exactly what you get for parting with your pocket money. The McLaren 650S is one for the city slickers, bachelors or bachelorettes who work hard and play hard too. This supercar does 0-60mph in 3 seconds flat, it has a new, low nose and a streamlined body built with speed and performance in mind. Costing just under £200k, the 650S takes inspiration from Formula 1, with a logical, luxury interior which is simple to use with powerful output. Imagine cruising around the capital city, (OK, maybe cruising is a slight exaggeration because of all that traffic) but looking good doing it nonetheless. Yummy mummy’s however, might want to look at the Porsche 911 GT3. Hidden beneath the curved, smooth body is a 4.0 litre engine with 500 horsepower and a powerful sound to match. If that doesn’t particularly interest you it is very pretty, one that your Shih Tzu, with its diamante-encrusted collar and painted nails, will not turn its nose up sitting in. Whether you’re lucky enough to be a lady of leisure whose most difficult decision of the day is whether to spend most of your time in the Prada store or the Gucci flagship or a mum who does not stop going this is the one for you. Got money to burn? The Bugatti Chiron is definitely one for the posers, intent on living that celebrity lifestyle. Where do we begin? This car is insane. As it stands, it’s got the record for the fastest road-legal car in the world. At close to £2 million, gold-diggers can smell this car from miles away and with only 500 ever made, this is a car collector’s dream. Famous Bugatti owners range from Tom Cruise to Jay-Z making the Chiron not one for the faint-hearted, if you want to get noticed this is the car for you. The Ferrari LaFerrari has a phenomenal, eye-catching chassis, perfect for those flashy gits (you know the ones, they carry practically everything they earn in cash and make sure you see it all when they’re paying at a bar). It is light-weight, powerful and can do more than 217mph. The most performance intensive car Ferrari has ever designed, this is definitely one that requires no boasting to your friends. Simply drive up to the Savoy, chuck the keys to the valet, insist on your own private garage (obviously) and be on your way (make sure everyone sees this exchange for full self-indulgence). The Aston Martin DB11 is the ideal choice for a couple’s country getaway. You’ve worked hard your whole life, your normal car is probably a BMW 3-series and you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary to celebrate a birthday or take on a golf trip. The sound of this car is incomparable, cruising along the motorway, this car is every bit exhilarating as it is beautiful. With top speeds of 200mph and an interior which has been expertly crafted for maximum comfort and luxury, this is perfect for mature drivers. No matter which supercar would be your perfect choice, the drive is so unique, any trip turns from a chore to a life experience. Whether you’ve got the money to blow on a world-class hotel and need a ride-around for the trip or you’d simply like the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s finest, supercars are a cut above the rest. It would be difficult to pick between the five, each one offers something unique to suit a wide range of personalities and styles. But, with all five available to hire, you can be free to project the lifestyle you desire at the fraction of the crazy costs.