With less than four weeks left until Christmas Day, we’re sure you’re well under way with your Christmas shopping. From gifts for the big day to decorations and of course, not forgetting food and drink, there’s a lot to get right. London is home to one of the biggest and best shopping destinations in the […]

I want to be James Bond, not a bond girl. The danger, the violence, the toys. I want to be the one making the decisions, catching the thieves, beating the shit out of baddies, being the magnet of heat and electricity whom no one can resist. You don’t f*ck with Bond, Bond f*cks with you. […]

Whether you’ve been together for ten years or ten months, the old saying is true – when you know you know. If you’re thinking about proposing you’ve probably seen loads of viral videos depicting all sorts of ways to pop the question, from flash mobs to bungee jumping to fake plan failures, leaving you the […]

For Jewish boys and girls, the age of 12-13 marks a coming of age, children are considered mature enough to be accountable for their actions and this deserves much celebration. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony marks the teen becoming a fully-integrated member of the Jewish community and usually occurs on the first Shabbat after […]

It’s coming… there’s officially nine weeks left until Christmas Day! So now is the best time to start planning the perfect gift for the special man in your life, be it your husband, father or son. But no matter how difficult this choice may seem, just remember there are people out there who will find […]

Just under a week ago, following the release of new Range Rover Velar earlier in the year, Jaguar Land Rover released the details of its exciting new 2018 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models. Packed full of new features, improved comfort and an updated design, Range Rover fans the world over are sure to […]

In a move that his wife simply described as ‘ridiculous’ Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Land Rover to create a very unique car. I think it’s safe to say that this SUV is the first of its kind, we’ve all seen Xzibit transform somebody’s boot into a wardrobe on the infamous Pimp my Ride […]

Whether you’re off for a romantic weekend away for an anniversary, travelling the length of the country for a business trip or facing a long drive with the kids to visit family, an SUV is the ideal choice. Built with comfort and performance at its heart, the MPV is designed for long-haul drives across tough […]

You don’t need to be an automobile expert to know a good car when you see one, or hear one for that matter. The sleek, long hood design combined with a big engine and roaring exhaust can only mean one thing, an expensive supercar that was built to perform. You may have heard the saying […]

At 659 square miles, the capital city is a hotspot for tourists, filled with renowned landmarks, famous restaurants and a nightlife to rival any other city in the world. You could take a guided tour bus but for a truly luxurious, comfortable experience you’re sure to remember forever we have chauffeurs available to drive you […]