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ENGINE 6.3 L F140 FC V12[1]
WHEELBASE 2,720 MM (107 IN) LENGTH 4,618 MM (181.8 IN)[3] WIDTH 1,942 MM (76.5 IN)[3] HEIGHT 1,273 MM (50.1 IN)[3] KERB WEIGHT 1,525 KG (3,362 LB)[3] (DRY WEIGHT) 1,630 KG (3,594 LB) (KERB WEIGHT)


The Ferrari F12 hire car is the perfect blend of styling, luxury and performance. Designed to be one of the fastest road cars Ferrari has ever made, every element has been carefully thought out to ensure top speeds and exhilaration. Whether you’re looking to hire a supercar in London to attend an event, or sportscar rental for the racetrack, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is definitely worth considering. The prestige hire car is stunning, with a modern body and shape that takes design cues from some of the elite marque’s most popular supercars, but with added practicality and comfort that makes it ideal for drivers of today.

The award-winning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta hire car has been recognised for its design by some of the most prestigious organisations in the world. The beautiful exterior is kept looking every bit as luxurious as its £240k price tag suggests, but every part has been carefully designed to ensure aerodynamics are at its core for an exhilarating drive. It is elegant and instantly recognisable, a supercar in keeping with Ferrari’s number one design priority; this is a luxury hire car which turns heads. Imposing, with sleek curved lines, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta hire car makes as much impact on the UK roads as it does on the race track.

Inspired by the race track, the Ferrari F12 rental car’s interior is the perfect mix of class and sportiness. Continuing Ferrari’s ethos of complete perfection, the finest quality materials are used to create a cabin which is comfortable and luxurious. State of the art technological features have been discreetly added to all be within reach of the driver’s hands for a supercar which is both easy and enjoyable to drive. The interior is surprisingly spacious for both driver and passenger, with substantial room for belongings, the perfect luxury hire car for a weekend away.

Beneath the bonnet sits a powerful V12 engine, capable of a top speed of 211mph and accelerating from 0-60mph in just 3.1 seconds, for an adrenaline-inducing drive. This is one of Ferrari’s best-performing road cars, with substantial power and speed and a beautiful design to match. If you’re looking to hire a luxury car in the UK which is as impressive for the driver as it is for passers-by the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ticks all the boxes. In the year it was released, Top Gear gave it its prestigious ‘Supercar of the Year’ award, a reputation which hasn’t ceased since then.

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