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Advancements in aerodynamic design meets modern Italian styling for a unique supercar which is thrilling to drive. The Ferrari F8 Tributo hire car pays homage to the marque’s most powerful V8 engine in its history, which has been named the best engine of the past two decades. Taking inspiration from past successful V8 Ferrari models, the Ferrari F8 Tributo features a new body design which is intimidating, modern, and luxurious, yet still undeniably Ferrari.

If you are looking to hire a supercar which is impressive, instantly recognisable, and offers a unique driving experience the Ferrari F8 Tributo is an excellent choice. Strict aerodynamic features have been flawlessly interpreted into Ferrari’s design for a supercar which is powerful and fast yet astonishingly beautiful. Inspired by the marque’s involvement in motorsports, new front and side air ducts improve air flow and cooling whilst ensuring this luxury hire car is sculpted to perfection. The spoiler has been redesigned to reference 8-cylinder berlinettas of the past and a new rear window helps to showcase the 3.9 litre V8 Turbo engine, the most integral focus point of the Ferrari F8 Tributo’s design.

The new exterior design is sporty and dynamic, ensuring optimal performance while making reference to some of our favourite Ferrari models to date.
Inside, the Ferrari F8 Tributo hire car features a traditional cockpit design which focusses entirely on the driver. New standard seats are supremely comfortable and feature some of the finest quality materials in the world, with elegant cross stitching that pairs them with the updated interior. A new-
generation steering wheel is accompanied by a classic instrument cluster, giving the driver easy access to everything needed for an invigorating driving experience. Carbon fiber and aluminium are paired for a luxurious yet lightweight design and both driver and passenger can benefit from sufficient legroom and seven cubic feet of storage space, perfect for event hire and long drives.

An improved infotainment system gives the driver more control, with enhanced usability for everyday driving. An optional second screen on the passenger side also allows any guests to keep up to speed with the supercar’s essential information and provides additional access to any audio settings. The handling has been improved with dynamic driving systems allowing you to turn and grip more freely, easily accessing maximum performance. Each design improvement and feature addition lead to a top speed of 211mph and an acceleration time from 0-100mph in approximately 9.5 seconds, ensuring you feel that adrenaline rush every time you drive.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo hire car is powerful and fast, allowing for maximum performance whilst remaining easy to control, an excellent choice for thrill seekers and Ferrari fans. If you are looking to hire a Ferrari F8 Tributo, you can get a full quote online today. Starr Luxury Cars offer a bespoke supercar hire service, addressing any specific requests and delivering to any address in the UK and allowing us to work with you to ensure you get the most from your Ferrari F8 Tributo hire.

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