Luxury car hire exclusive deals allow you to travel across the country at a highly affordable cost, in the plushest and most opulent surroundings. It means that a simple business trip can be transformed into something considerably more comfortable and enjoyable. Choosing to hire a luxury car is one of those decisions that may link with a special event or simply form an exciting part of your luxury travel plans. For whatever reason you choose to rent out your dream car, we want to make sure you find the best deal to suit your requirements.


Range Rover Sport SVR

Hire for 7 days over Christmas and have 1,000 miles included

Code - SVR1000

Mercedes AMG G63

Hire for 3 or more days in December and get free delivery and collection (within 30 miles of London)

Range Rover Sport

Hire for 7 or more days in December and get unlimited mileage included

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Hire for 7 days, pay for just 5!

Code - 911745

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Offers are only valid during December 2020.
Offers can not be used in conjunction with any previous offers.

Exclusive Deals for Luxury Car Hire

The luxury car deals available here are exclusive to our customers. They allow you to enjoy the finer things in life while still adhering to the strictest of budgets or allowing you to focus money on other areas of your trip. Enjoying a premium car journey need not be something reserved for those once- in-a-lifetime moments. Simple trips such as travelling to the airport, commuting for that important business meeting and even visiting loved ones can now leave you surrounded in an air of luxury.

Here, you’ll find a selection of exclusive discounted car hire offers, providing you with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car you’ve always dreamt of driving. Perhaps you have decided that your partner deserves a special break after a particularly busy period at work. We regularly upload last-minute luxury car hire deals here, giving you the opportunity to really make an impact on that well-planned surprise. All our offers are designed to ensure that hiring a luxury car need not be out of the realms of possibility, even offers such as post-lockdown car hire deals to celebrate the return back to normality. 

Whenever we have overseas clients looking to entertain, we alaways choose Starr Luxury cars for their impressive selection and high quality Aston Martin hire fleet. The service and experience that they provide is second to none and the condition of the cars in unrivalled.

Seasonal Deals for Hiring Your Luxury Car

Hiring a prestigious car is something that can benefit you, no matter the weather. In the Winter season, many of the models in our fleet have some of the most advanced safety features as well as climate control and other luxuries to keep you toasty throughout any journey. 

Equally, if the weather starts to peak, our convertible luxury cars mean you will be able to enjoy the wind through your hair as you zip through to the next destination. 

Our regularly updated deals include a number of seasonal offers, including winter deals on our supercars and off-season hires.
Start planning your next long-haul journey today knowing that you could be doing so nestled in the bucket seats of a BMW or enjoying the smooth ride of a Bentley. 

The deals offered here are designed to make sure being in control of one of these iconic vehicles need not be a pipe dream anymore or reserved for a special occasion. Performance cars are the creme de la creme of the automobile world and use the latest technology to ensure the best drive. Suitable for every journey, no matter the destination or duration, it is always time to treat yourself and add a little prestige into your life.

Providing Luxury at a Price You Can Afford with Exclusive Deals

Starr Luxury Cars is the UK’s leading luxury car hire specialist. We have cars from many of the most
revered brands in the industry, including Aston Martin, Bugatti and Lamborghini. And we want
everyone, from the enthusiastic supercar fan through to those who favour the finer things in life to
be able to enjoy all that luxury automobiles have to offer.

That is why we bring you regularly updated luxury car hire deals, designed for everyone and ensuring you can tick something off your bucket list.

We have an experienced team on hand to help with your enquiry. Our online services allow you to
hire a supercar or prestige car in London or anywhere else in the UK, with instant quotations
available. Our deals are regularly updated, bringing the newest and most exclusive offers directly to
you and allowing you to enjoy the moment. No matter the price you pay, we guarantee the same
exceptional service. Our supercars are kept in pristine condition with our fleet size constantly
growing. So, regardless of the luxury car hire deal that you discover on this page, you will still get to
experience that adrenaline-fuelled excitement every time you choose to hire from us.
We truly believe there is no finer way to discover the beauty that London and the UK has to offer
than with luxurious car hire from Starr Luxury Cars. Find details of our latest luxury car hire deals
below and get in touch with our expert team if you need any further information.