To book a Personal Chauffeur to drive your car for personal or business clients, simply:

Your driver will work as contract staff for you for the duration of the driver on demand service. During that time, you have the freedom to choose where your chauffeur drives your car, whether you need to make single or multiple journeys.

We will arrange for the individual of your choice to arrive at any UK address and time you specify, ready to drive your car.

However, please note that expenses will need to be covered for your driver to travel to a central point if the end destination is different from the start location or if the end destination is remote from regular public transport.


there is really nothing like travelling in your own car.

It doesn’t just offer a familiar sense of home; everything is set up exactly as you like it, ensuring an unmatched feeling of comfort, ease and accessibility. And whilst we’re sure you also love the way it drives; we also appreciate that there are many occasions where you may not want or be able to drive it yourself.

For these occasions, we offer a unique personal driver hire service in the UK, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of professional chauffeurs and lifestyle assistants who can transport you in your own car.

Whether you need a personal driver to drive your car for a prestigious event, a city break or long weekend, or even just to and from work for the week, we have the perfect professional driver to meet your needs.



SLC - Starr Luxury Cars - Driver on Demand, Mayfair, Uk, London, England - Chauffeur Driver Experience




SLC - Starr Luxury Cars - Driver on Demand, Mayfair, Uk, London, England - Chauffeur Driver Experience



SPECIALITY: Female security driver, royalty and UHNW clients and families


When booking a personal driver for your own car, you always have the added luxury of free time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey as your chauffeur concentrates on the road ahead, freeing up your time to socialise with friends and family, prepare for a big presentation or simply read the paper. Whatever you choose to do with your time, hiring a personal driver to drive your car gives you the added luxury of freedom and choice.

If your schedule for a particular day or week ahead is looking quite tight, hiring a chauffeur to drive your own car can help to alleviate some stress by completing school runs for you, transporting you in between meetings and getting you home safely and promptly at the end of the day. Our driver on demand service is fully customisable, giving you the freedom to create a bespoke travel schedule to make your life easier without having to sacrifice anything on your to-do list.

If you’re looking to book a chauffeur to transport you to and from an event, using your own car can be an excellent way to reduce the costs whilst still allowing you to enjoy a glass of champagne. Instead of having the stress of waiting for and trying to spot your taxi at the end of a night, completely unwind in the comfort of your own car knowing both you and your vehicle will both be home safely.

Many of our chauffeurs have extensive experience working privately for families and individuals, helping to make your life less stressful and more comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a personal driver for a one-off trip or occasion or to chauffeur you on a semi-regular basis, we have some of the most highly qualified individuals ready to help you.

Being chauffeured in your own car heavily reduces the costs, making it an ideal solution for those seeking regular and long-term personal chauffeuring, and allows you the time and freedom to do as you wish, rather than battling traffic and trying to find a parking space. Book a chauffeur to drive you to and from work to allow more time for you to do business or utilise our driver on demand service for shopping trips, outings and weekend breaks, always allowing you more free time to relax and socialise.

Your personal driver isn’t just available to chauffeur you and your family, our chauffeurs can be booked to transport your car or goods or even help with moving your vehicle or belongings to a new home. Arranging all bookings by the hour, you can hire a chauffeur to drive your own vehicle for any occasion or reason.

As a business, you may already have your own fleet of vehicles, used for the transportation of CEOs, employees or goods for meetings, appointments and events. Use our driver on demand service to book one-off or regular chauffeur transportation, making full use of your business assets but also allowing you the time to have team briefings, complete final preparation for a presentation or simply relax, ready to take on the day. Our personal business chauffeurs are experienced in driving a wide range of different car makes and models and will quickly adapt to the vehicle you have chosen. We’ll concentrate on the road ahead, leaving you the free time you need to make the day a successful one.

Not only does this make sense financially, reducing the costs you may face when renting a private corporate car, you won’t have to worry about catching a certain train or waiting around for a taxi. Our corporate driver on demand service helps you to make a great first impression, arriving on time in the car of your choice and leaving quickly and smoothly whenever you’re ready to return. No diversions, no delays, no waiting, just an effortless door-to-door journey.

If you’ve been away on business or a family getaway, the last thing you want to do when you touch back down in the UK is drive home, especially after a long-haul flight. Our flexible driver on demand service allows you the flexibility to choose from single or return journeys to any UK airport and one of our professional chauffeurs can be ready waiting to meet you at the airport, getting you and your car home safely without adding any stress to your journey.

If you opt for airport drop-off, you have the added option of having your chauffeur secure your car within the airport carpark while you are away or returning the vehicle to your home, giving you added peace of mind that it will be safe until your return. If you’ve been away for a particularly long length of time, getting straight into your own car without actually having to drive it provides an unbeatable sense of comfort, allowing you to relax straight away.

If you already own a beautiful luxury car that you love, why would you want to shell out on hiring another just to get you to and from an event? Our professional chauffeurs can drive your car to and from any UK event, getting you to your destination safely and on time, allowing you time to enjoy the occasion from the moment you leave your address. With years of experience in offering private chauffeuring for VIPs, your driver will ensure your comfort and safety is their number one priority, giving you so much more than just a transport service.

Relax with a glass of champagne at a red-carpet event safe in the knowledge that your return travel is covered or take the time to unwind after a busy day at the races. Whatever the event and occasion, our special event chauffeurs can help to enhance your experience by handling all your travel arrangements for you, dropping you and your vehicle back to your home at the end of the day, ready to begin the next day without delay.

We have some of the most highly skilled chauffeurs available to book to drive your car, including those specialising in security. With multiple qualifications, extensive driver training and ample experience of working in security roles within high risk industries such as the police force or military, our UK specialist security drivers can transport you, your employees or any high value assets safely, professionally and discreetly without threat. Our high-profile security drivers have been trained to drive armoured cars and prevent hijacks, making them some of the most elite chauffeurs of the driving world.

If you need an ongoing or semi-regular security driver service, our chauffeurs can drive your car for you, providing the expert driving skills needed to keep you safe on a daily basis or for a high-profile event. Many of our clients repeat book the same driver, giving you an extra sense of safety and security with a familiar individual.



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