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Our Aston Martin range includes both the latest releases and classic sportscars, giving you the opportunity to select the best car for your prom.

Designed, built and hand finished here in the UK, Aston Martin prom hire cars offer a unique sense of British heritage and, let’s be honest, above all else nothing quite sets off a suit like an Aston Martin luxury prom hire car.


Having created beautiful luxury cars for over a century and with an extensive history of being involved in British motorsports, each model is simply sensational, where perfect design meets innovative engineering.

Channel your inner James Bond and book a luxury sportscar for prom, ensuring an elegant, comfortable journey alongside impressive arrival.

With their signature shape and luxurious outer materials, there is no better backdrop for prom photos than an Aston Martin.

Compared to other sportscars, the Aston Martin has a certain level of class and modesty; there are no extreme or over the top design elements, but every part has been carefully considered, resulting in British luxury prom cars that are every bit as impressive without the need to shout about it.

This theme continues on the inside where some of the finest materials in the world have been constructed and hand finished for sumptuous comfort in a classic and elegant design.

Modern Aston Martin prom hire cars also benefit from the latest technology and trends, allowing you to create an environment which is perfectly tailored to you and your journey.

Very pleased with the service received and the exceptional quality of the car that arrived to pick up my son for his prom. Our chauffeur was incredibly patient, well presented and made evening even more special.