Explore The UK With Prestige Car Hire This Summer 2022

The British countryside has long been hailed as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Rolling hills, rushing waterfalls and towering peaks mean that a trip across the country brings a wealth of experiences and views. Staycations have become our favoured way to escape the mundanity of everyday life and, to elevate this experience, hiring a luxury car brings a whole new level of comfort. Whether you revel in the challenge of hour-long driving or need to indulge in comfort as a distraction, Starr Luxury Cars bring the largest fleet of prestige cars for hire to your fingertips. With access to many of the world’s leading marques and the latest luxury car releases, there’s no need to squash the family into your coupe or risk closing a business deal with new partners. Nowadays, luxury car hire for UK holidays needn’t be the thing of dreams but rather your family’s reality.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Audi Q8

Trust in the craftsmanship of the Audi Q8

When travelling long distances, both comfort and safety need to be a priority. The Audi Q8 achieved a score of 93% and boasts a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. For parents and travelling families, this cannot fail to bring a sense of peace and comfort when on the road. The safety features of the Q8 aren’t the only reasons it makes our list. The range comes with several engine options, including plug-in hybrids to reduce fuel prices on extensive journeys. You have five spacious seats with an exceptionally comfortable drive and an interior with three touchscreens. Tap in your location within the satellite navigation system and then play your family’s favourite music as you glide through the roads.

The interior is celebrated as one of the most high-tech within its class. Leather and suede seats allow for electrical adjustment and the option of heated technology in the front and rear seats. A panoramic roof brings light to backseat drivers while the commanding seating position allows all passengers to watch their surroundings roll by. At the rear, you’ll find a spacious 605-litre boot – enough to fit suitcases and soft bags in comfort. If you’re travelling as a smaller party, the back seats can also be folded flat to increase the available storage space up to an impressive 1,755 litres. A German-crafted luxury car hire that suits the entire family.

Starr Luxury Cars Covid Friendly Half Term Options

Refinement and elegance with the Range Rover Vogue

Pairing together British craftsmanship and powerful 4×4 design, the Range Rover Vogue has long been the choice of families worldwide. Its features fit the needs of long-distance driving and staycations perfectly. An eight-speed automatic gearbox relieves the demand on the driver while features such as crust control and rear parking cameras make the drive effortlessly easy. The 3.0-litre TDV6 engine offers good fuel economy with the silence to ensure your drive remains calm at all times. As the driver, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Land Rover Terrain Response System with greater off-road ability and dynamic stability control.

Inside, you’ll find all of the luxuries you expect from a vehicle of this calibre. The panoramic glass roof allows you to indulge in the beauty of your surroundings while full leather seats hug every passenger’s body throughout the entire journey. The luxury car has been fitted with its own WiFi hotspot, making it easy to keep the music playing or indulge in your favourite podcast. Opt for the SE model and you’ll find soft-close doors, LED ambient lighting and heated seating that can be personalised to suit each driver’s comfort. The epitome of comfort, no matter how many miles.

Starr Luxury Cars UK Hire Porsche Cayenne 2020

Opt for space and agility with the Porsche Cayenne

A luxury car hire that redefined the bridge between sports cars and SUVs, the Porsche Cayenne blends German craftsmanship with family practicality. If staycations required one thing to make them a success it would be size. The Cayenne not only looks exquisite from the outside, but it also prioritises the comfort and happiness of every passenger. The curved dashboard makes the driver and front passenger feel fully enveloped in exquisite luxury. The large infotainment system brings both satellite navigation technology and the ability to connect your devices for streamless entertainment.

The cabin itself is spacious, with enough room for five people comfortably. At the back, you’ll find 772 litres of boot space making it ideal for all your luggage and essentials. And, if travelling with children, opt for the model with 10” rear screens to keep them relaxed throughout the entire journey. A contemporary and sporty interior that everyone is sure to appreciate.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Bentley Bentayga

Indulge in true hand-crafted luxury with the Bentley Bentayga

The most prestigious of staycations needs a luxurious beginning and the Bentley Bentayga is an exceptional choice. From the demanding road presence and heightened space to the focus on passenger comfort inside, this is a vehicle made for longer drives. The carefully honed suspension drinks in every bump – especially when driven at low speeds. This makes it ideal for drinking in your surroundings, indulging in our country’s beauty and ensuring everyone remains entertained the entire journey.

Choose from four, five or six seats, depending on the number of guests joining you on this trip. Ample leg space and hand-crafted seats ensure unrivalled comfort. Inside, you’ll find enough technology to keep everyone entertained, with wireless Apple CarPlay and USB-C ports embedded into multiple surfaces. The digital infotainment system brings satellite navigation to your fingertips while a remote control affords rear passengers the chance to customise their seats and climate too. Pop suitcases into the 484-litre boot and put your foot down – we guarantee the journey will be one to remember.

Starr Luxury Cars Hire UK Lamborghini Urus

Melt into Italian automotive luxury with the Lamborghini Urus

While staycations are often family events, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in your own supercar dreams with the Lamborghini Urus. The luxury car hire redefined the Italian marque’s status as a sole supercar manufacturer. The Urus steps into the world of SUVs, bringing a wealth of space to you and your family. The 4.0-litre V8 turbocharged engine means you can get to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds with 641bhp beneath your feet.

Inside, the low roofline hasn’t impacted the space you and your family have at your disposal. Plenty of heat and elbow room allows you to stretch out while 616-litres of boot space makes it easy to travel with your holiday suitcases. Each seat has been ergonomically designed with adjustable features and good views of your surroundings. Once again, it’s easy to connect your devices or take advantage of satellite navigation to reach your destination quickly.

Travel across the UK with Starr Luxury Cars


Drinking in the beauty of the rolling countryside or camping with loved ones – no matter the type of staycation you have booked, trust in prestige car hire with Starr Luxury Cars. With the largest fleet of luxury cars in the UK, we bring you the finest 4×4, supercars and sports cars for hire on the market. Our specialist team provides the highest level of car, tailoring our packages and bringing you competitive prices.

If you’re thinking about hiring a luxury car for your next staycation, get in contact with our professional and friendly team who are on hand to help. We tailor every driving experience to suit your needs with both short and long-term hire available. You’ll also discover our range of additional extras to make every drive special, including alcohol packages and chauffeur experiences.

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