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The Audi RSQ8 is the marque’s largest, fastest, and most powerful luxury hire SUV yet. Boasting the space and practicality of a 4×4 but the performance of a supercar, it’s ideal for thrill seekers looking to hire a luxury car for a road trip or weekend getaway.

It features a 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine which produces a phenomenal amount of torque, leading to a top speed of 155mph and acceleration from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds for an exciting driving experience. The Audi RSQ8 hire car is also highly versatile, with an exceptional looking exterior which wouldn’t look out of place at event arrival or for corporate use.

The exterior of the Audi RSQ8 hire car is broad and muscular, with deep curves and sharp straight lines, hinting at the power within. A dominating grille plate sits in between advanced LED headlights whilst the aluminium and chrome trim completes the polished look. Every element has been carefully designed to produce the most power; from the 22-inch alloy wheels to the superior ground clearance, the Audi RSQ8 has an intimidating road presence which makes it incredible to drive.

Inside, there is ample space for five passengers with plenty of legroom and areas for luggage and belongings. The driver and front-seat passenger can enjoy heated leather seats whilst four-zone climate control ensures you whole group is kept at a comfortable temperature. Audi has kept their familiar glass dashboard, packed with information and settings which allow you to control every aspect of your drive using advanced technology. Luxuriously comfortable sports seating ensures your family can relax on even the longest journeys whilst an incredible 605 litre boot space can be increased to 1755 litres when the back seats are folded, helping to create one of the most practical, versatile luxury hire SUVs on the market today.

The most impressive aspect of the Audi RSQ8 hire car is the driving experience. Considering the size and weight of this SUV, its performance is simply outstanding. Not only can you tackle multiple terrains as you would expect from a 4×4 but this luxury SUV hire car also drives like a supercar, handling corners effortlessly, even at top speeds. And for family trips, Audi have introduced the Comfort driving mode which tones everything down, accompanied by highly advanced safety systems which give you full peace of mind on your journey.

Bold, modern design meets sumptuous luxury in the Audi RSQ8, the perfect choice for those who can’t choose between an SUV or a supercar. This is the best luxury SUV to hire for a family trip, allowing you to enjoy the driving experience of a sportscar yet the space, safety, and practicality of a 4×4. To hire an Audi RSQ8 you can use our online booking form to get a quote, ensuring you spend your next trip in ultimate comfort. Starr Luxury Cars handles bespoke booking requests, working directly with our clients to ensure you have the best luxury car hire experience in the UK.

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