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TypeV12 – 65°
Compression ratio13,5:1.


Maximum engine speed8, 250 rpm.


Seven-speed Auto Dual Clutch


The GTC4Lusso is a rear-wheel drive 2 door with 4 seats, powered by a 3.9L TURBO V8 engine that has 449 kW of power


Delivering both space and supercar design, hire a Ferrari GTC4Lusso in LA with Starr Luxury Cars. This outstanding car enters the Italian marque as one of the first practical designs – a four-seater that can comfortably accommodate the entire family plus your overnight luggage. Backed by the guarantee of quality, this luxury SUV gives you the power needed to impress. From long weekends away with loved ones to hospitality events for the most important guests.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is an SUV through and through. Make your way over to Griffith Park where this practical off-roader will drink in all of the uneven roads and pathways. With over 4,000 acres of natural and landscaped grounds, it is one of the largest municipal parks in the US. Park up and fish out the hiking gear you stowed in the trunk – this park has some of the most beautiful hikes including the Hollyridge Trail to the Hollywood Sign Viewpoint. The 849ft elevation provides exquisite views over the rugged surroundings. For those who are more drawn to city drives, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso blends just as seamlessly in LA. The spacious trunk, four-wheel steering and heightened stability allow it to accompany you on a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive or Melrose Avenue, no matter how many pieces you pick up.

Hiring a Ferrari GTC4 is an opportunity for you to enjoy Italian craftsmanship at its finest. This large and imposing vehicle is just under 5m long with an expansive bonnet that turns heads at every turn. You have the choice of two engines – a 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 or a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The V12 produces 681bhp and 514 lb-ft of torque, delivering a top speed of 208 mph and a 0-62mph sprint time of 3.4 seconds. It offers the better aural experience – a loud and throaty growl that rushes through your senses as you soar along. However, if you’re looking for heightened responsiveness, the V8 is the one. With 602bhp and 561 lb-ft of torque, it will take you to 62mph in 3.5 seconds and 199 mph top speed.

Both models have a front-mounted engine that delivers power directly to all wheels, improving grip. This four-wheel drive system in the V12 is something to admire. Ferrari has developed it to be 50% lighter than its predecessor, improving weight distribution and center of gravity. It also pairs with four-wheel driving to boost agility alongside cutting-edge magnetic adaptive damping too.

Moving inside, you’ll find a tonne of space to keep you and all of your passengers cozy during every ride. The interior rivals many of the other luxury SUV hire on the market, bringing plush leathers and exquisite materials to your fingertips. Each of the four seats has been designed to support and cushion your body throughout the ride. There is a wealth of legroom – ideal for the taller members of your party, and you’ll find hidden storage solutions everywhere for your essentials. If you’re looking to play a round at Roosevelt Golf Course, fold the rear seats down and you’ll have an impressive 800 liters of storage space – plenty for your golf clubs and refreshments too.

The steering wheel takes inspiration from F1 design, with a flat-bottomed silhouette and a host of functions available at your fingertips. Look just to the left and you’ll spot the 10.3” infotainment screen from which you can control everything from sat nav and climate through to which song you’re enjoying on the road. So, at every moment, you’ll be able to customize this drive to suit your every need.

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