Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022
Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022
Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022
Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022
Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022
Star Luxury Cars Ford Mustang GT Miami 2022

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a FORD MUSTANG GT 2022 MIAMI for hire in  cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


ShelbyGT350 and Shelby GT500—are only available with an automatic transmission


The base Mustang continues to be powered by a turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine, while the GT and Mach 1 models get a 5.0-litre V8


6-speed manual (Tremec TR-3160) Getrag / Ford MT82) (2015–2017) Getrag / Ford MT82-D4) (2018–present) 6-speed automatic (6R80) (2015–2017) 10-speed automatic (10R80) (2018–present)


107.1 in (2,720 mm)


American muscle personified and demanding everyone’s attention, hire a Ford Mustang GT in Miami with Starr Luxury Cars. This powerful brute blends together a beefy silhouette with sports-tailored speed. It is a thrilling drive – one that won’t be forgotten in a long time – and plays host to a wealth of technology to ensure you enjoy every single moment. With such a rich Art Deco history and as the heart of Floridian charm, Miami is the perfect home for this Mustang and the place you’ll make unforgettable memories. From business hospitality through to travel with friends and family, it delivers a one-of-a-kind driving experience for your next trip.


The Ford Mustang GT stands out from the crowd – even when it doesn’t want to. In a city flooded with supercars, this impressive muscle car ensures everyone knows you’re coming. It is a beast, whether you’re driving along Ocean Drive or taking the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne. If you have a penchant for vintage beauty, you’ll want to take the GT down for a performance at Colony Theatre or for a stay in The Julia Boutique Beach Hotel. Don’t forget to take photos outside first – the Art Deco buildings are truly something to admire. Drink in the most beautiful lagoon with a drive over to Matheson Hammock and make sure to pass by Gables Estates for some of the most beautiful houses in the area.


Hire a Ford Mustang GT in Miami and you hire a snippet of American history. From the World’s Fair in 1964 to today’s powerful beast of a vehicle, there’s little denying that this is a car that has made an impact. The new GT has a 5.0-litre V8 engine under the hood, bringing an impressive 460 bhp and 420 lb-ft to your fingertips. The fully-independent front and rear suspension offers excellent ride quality as well as heightened control. You’ll also benefit from Limited Slip Differential which counteracts any loss in traction to provide better stability in wet conditions. The performance brake system and Electronic Brake Pre-fill ensure you’re always ready to stop in seconds while the variety of driving modes available range from Normal to Drag.


From the moment you turn it on and push your foot down, the thunderous noise envelopes your entire body. This is a luxury car hire that is bold and powerful – designed to give an exceptional performance on every road. The suspension is non-adjustable and you’ll need strength in your arms to turn the wheel, hence the term ‘muscle car’. However, all this does is bring you closer to the car and give you a unique feel of the road ahead. The six-speed manual gearbox or 10-speed automatic gearbox are both carefully honed to help you accelerate swiftly. If you choose the manual option, steering-wheel-mounted paddles offer full control so you can keep your hands on the wheel at all times.


The Ford Mustang GT isn’t just a powerful beast on the outside. It also has an interior that calls you in with leather-clad Recaro seats that hug your body during long journeys. The adjustable steering wheel and additional lumbar support tailors to suit your body, even if you’re on the other end of 6ft. You’ll find both a 12.0” digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and an additional 8” infotainment screen too. From here, access the Mustang Sync 3 infotainment system. Take advantage of smartphone mirroring with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Blast your favorite driving tunes from the Bang and Olufsen premium sound system. Or simply indulge in the retro design which sees a host of controls managed by toggle switches.


If you’re seeking out storage, there’s a 408-liter trunk which will easily hold overnight bags and suit jackets. Plus, the rear seats that can be folded down for additional space or used to house the children with LAUNCH bases in-built to secure two children’s seats. So, no matter whether you’re with family or friends – whether you’re seeking a thrill or living out your childhood dream with the ones you love – the Ford Mustang GT is the perfect luxury car hire.


At Starr Luxury Cars, we pride ourselves on having the largest fleet of exotic hire cars in Miami. We bring together some of the most covetable and historically-celebrated models, paired with our unrivaled dedication to customer service. Our professional team provides the expertise needed to create an unforgettable trip. We offer both short and long-term hire packages, alongside flexibility with pick-up and drop-off locations. Choose from our range of additional extras, including our luxury alcohol packages and VIP bodyguards, and experience driving like never before.


If you are interested in hiring a Ford Mustang GT in Miami, please get in contact with our team here today.


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