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ENGINE 5.0 L 385 PS (283 KW) AJ GEN III V8 5.0 L 510 PS (375 KW) SUPERCHARGED AJ GEN III V8 3.0 L 275 PS (202 KW) V6 DIESEL 2.0 L 240 PS (177 KW) I4 PETROL 3.0 L 340 PS (250 KW)
WHEELBASE SWB: 119.4 IN (3,033 MM) LWB: 124.3 IN (3,157 MM) LENGTH SWB: 201.7 IN (5,123 MM) LWB: 206.6 IN (5,248 MM) WIDTH 74.6 IN (1,895 MM) HEIGHT 57 IN (1,448 MM)


Stylish, elegant and luxuriously spacious, the Jaguar XJ hire car is a saloon of exceptional quality. First revealed in 1968, it has since become a prestige hire car favoured by royals and celebrities for its stunning looks and sumptuous comfort.

Since its original release, the Jaguar XJ has seen multiple updates and redesigns, making it a desirable, modern car which has managed to retain its British heritage. As well as providing an impressive environment for you to enjoy your journey, the Jaguar XJ hire car has received some of the most advanced engineering in the world, for an executive hire car which is as powerful as it is beautiful.

From the outside, the beautifully simple silhouette exudes class and sophistication, a subtle hint of what lies within. And with each facelift received, the Jaguar XJ hire car becomes more modern, confident and impressive without ever losing touch with its roots.

Featuring the signature deep front grille and sporty, dynamic shaping, the XJ offers the perfect combination of power and prestige. In either the standard or long wheelbase, the Jaguar XJ is the perfect executive car to hire for business, to impress clients and colleagues and treat them to the luxe they deserve.

The award-winning Jaguar XJ hire car has been praised for its exceptional interior, ensuring both the driver and passengers can relax in ultimate comfort. Soft, supple leather and ample leg room puts all occupants at ease, whilst state of the art technology allows you to have an easy drive and stay connected to the outside world.

Each element has been meticulously designed and built, ensuring perfection from every angle. Jaguar have maintained an exclusive feel by adding hand-crafted veneers all the way through the cabin and make sure the driver has easy access to all the latest motoring features and settings.

Although this executive hire car has been designed primarily to keep the occupants in ultimate luxury, that doesn’t mean performance has to suffer. It’s officially the lightest prestige car in its class, with an aluminium chassis, which helps with both speed and strength.

Beneath the bonnet, a 3.0 litre V6 engine delivers a maximum speed of over 155mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 5.7 seconds. And no matter the speed, the ride is kept safe and smooth, adapting to suit the conditions and using a whole host of advanced safety systems to keep you as relaxed as possible.

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