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5-DOOR 4×4



WHEELBASE 92.9 IN (2,360 MM) (90) 110 IN (2,794 MM) (110) 127 IN (3,226 MM) (127) LENGTH 160.5 IN (4,077 MM) (90) 181.1 IN (4,600 MM) (110) WIDTH 70.5 IN (1,791 MM) HEIGHT 80.2 IN (2,037 MM) (90) 84 IN (2,134 MM) (110)



For those ready to experience off-road travel with exceptional power, choose to rent a Land Rover Defender 110 P525 V8. Specifically designed for speed, this luxury car hire soars down the roads while making it easier to choose the beaten track for added adventure. It is large, dominating and luxurious – everything you need to explore the UK in effortless style. So, this is the prestige car for you, whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip with the family, need more space to fit your golf clubs, or have a penchant for British craftsmanship.

Hiring a luxury car should open up the realm of possibility on your next trip and the Land Rover Defender 110 P525 V8 certainly does that. It is one of the most anticipated vehicles in the marque’s line-up, featuring a perfectly honed beast under the hood. The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine delivers an outstanding 518 bhp and 461lb-ft of torque. While there’s no hiding its size, this abundance of power means a top speed of 149mph is within reach. Even if you don’t reach those speeds, the 0-62mph sprint time allows you to set off quickly from traffic lights and reach good speeds easily down the motorway too.

Fitted with a four-wheel drive system, the P525 offers excellent grip on a range of terrains. A toughened chassis and stiffer suspension mean it can tackle the roughest grounds while ensuring everyone inside remains comfortable at all times. Slide it into Dynamic mode and, along with the electronic active rear differential, you’ll discover heightened performance and versatility to play with. Although it’s big, this luxury car for hire features a short wheelbase, making it easier to reverse into tight parking spaces or turn on the road.

Land Rover has focused all of its attention on the engine and drive in this car, giving you an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Their Continuously Variable Damping technology uses a range of sensors and automatic adjustments to customise your drive in line with the current terrain. Allow the eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox to take over while you focus on drinking in your surroundings. Or, flick the wheel-mounted paddles up and down to regain control over your drive and push the P525 to its limits.

This is a luxury car hire that was made to discover the great outdoors. Alongside Dynamic mode, you’ll also find a host of additional terrain response settings that customise the drive entirely. Take your driving position up or down and discover an impressive 900mm of wading depth – essential when exploring those wetter environments. If your surroundings are constantly, and unexpectedly, changing, you’ve always got Auto mode to fall back on. In this, the P525 adjusts and adapts to continue delivering a driving experience like no other.

Inside the comfort continues. With the capacity for up to seven black leather and suede-trimmed seats, you’ll have the space to bring the entire family or team. Upfront, you’ll discover storage within the central console as well as the Pivi Pro-equipped central touchscreen – an 11.4” curved glass unit set into the middle of the dashboard. Slip your morning coffee into the cup holders, adjust the internal temperature and set off on a journey that could take you anywhere. This specific model also boasts a full Alcantara steering wheel and V8 proudly written into the illuminated tread plates.

The boot is one designed for multiple passengers. With all seven seats, you get 231 litres. Fold down the back row and access 916 litres. And if you’re travelling with larger items, fold all but the front row down and you’ll have an impressive 2,233 litres to play with – almost on par with a van!

Everything from the V8 quad exhaust to the 22” alloy wheels and bright blue Xenon Blue brake callipers tells passers-by that this is a vehicle to rever. For you and your party, it opens up the scope of exploration, allowing you to push the boundaries of normal driving and create memories, unlike any others. Whether you’re travelling with your family to the iconic Scottish Pennines or collecting a group of business associates from Stansted airport, you’ll have the space, luxury and convenience to do so with elegance.

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