Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars
Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars
Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars
Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars
Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars
Starr Luxury Cars, Mclaren 570 Berlin, Germany Self Hire, Book Rent the best coveted cars

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a MCLAREN 570 for hire in BERLIN cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


Number of doors: 2
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.2 seconds


Cargo volume: 150 L
Engine cylinder configuration: V engine


7-speed automatic
Driveline: Rear-wheel drive


Dimensions: 4,530 mm L x 2,095 mm W x 1,202 mm H


Discover the personification of driving excellence when you hire a McLaren 570 in Berlin with Starr Luxury Cars. This remarkable supercar has long been celebrated as the finest of its types on the roads, with a carefully honed chassis and abundance of power exploding beneath the bonnet. It has the presence to turn heads and effortlessly slots into a city so well-loved for its art and culture. From business trips to romantic weekends away with your loved one, hire a prestigious car hire that promises to capture the heart of everyone who stands in your wake.

Despite its turbulent history, Berlin is a city that has captured the hearts of thousands. Today, it is a full and encompassing celebration of beauty. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic landmarks or find yourself enraptured by German cuisine, the McLaren 570 allows you to celebrate it all. Take time to enjoy the power beneath your feet with a road trip to Sanssouci Palace. The drive will take you through picturesque scenery, enveloped in a grumbling roar and towards a former summer residence of the Prussian Monarch. This 18th-century home encaptures the grandeur of the elite, with beautiful terraced vineyards and antiques owned by Frederick the Great. For those looking to stay closer to the city centre, Berlin is home to many of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Drive the 570 over to The Charlottenburg Palace. This supercar’s elegant lines will sit seamlessly alongside the charm of baroque architecture, while you appreciate the palace named after King George I of Britain’s sister. Spend your evenings dining at Golvet, celebrating the 13-meter nordic bar or sipping on the Princess Charlotte cocktail. Or head over to CODA, in the trendy Neukölln neighbourhood, for a multi-sensory dining experience to round off your evening. With the McLaren 570 at your disposal, there’s little need to rush back to your hotel or step away from the thrill of the road.

Supercar thrills stand on a pedestal of their own and those delivered by the McLaren 570 promise to be something to remember. Developed by the iconic German marque, this remarkable car is lightweight and powerful. It has a kerb weight of just 1.4 tons, utilising carbon fibre throughout to cut unnecessary weight and improve performance at every turn. Open the bonnet and you’ll find a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine – a powerhouse generating 570 bhp and 443 lb-ft of torque. It is this beast that will shoot you up to 62 mph on the nearest autobahn in as little as 3.2 seconds. Find enough space and there’s a real possibility of hitting the top speed of 204 mph too. The McLaren 570 envelopes you in excitement and ensures that even the shortest drives remain imprinted in your memory.

The impressive speed generated by this luxury supercar isn’t the only thing you’ll remember. The German marque has focused on cutting-edge drive technology, introducing launch control and a conventional spring-and-damper system. Newer models boast bespoke exhausts and manifold systems that have been crafted to boost performance. From the rumbling growl to the excitement that shivers through every component, the 570 doesn’t sit in the shadows. Rather, it makes sure every head turns as it cruises through the roads and upgrades your on-road experience to an entirely new level.

Everything about the McLaren 570 is about theatrics. Gull-wing doors open outwards and upwards, spreading out like expansive wings and heightening access for everyone inside. The supporting sports seats have been wrapped in Nappa leather with vibrant pops from the contracting stitching throughout. A wide-angle windscreen allows you the best views, even from the low-slung seating, and a unique three-screen infotainment system sets in to allow for a fully customised drive too. Tap into the cutting-edge Bowers & Wilkins audio system or simply bask in the vibrating energy that envelopes you entirely.

The McLaren 570 is a luxury supercar like no other. It forms part of Starr Luxury Cars’ extensive fleet of prestige cars for hire, bringing a bounty of power and style to your fingertips. All of our vehicles are under two years old and can be incorporated with tailored driving experiences to suit your every need. From premium alcohol on board to VIP bodyguards for VIPs, discover Berlin in unrivalled style with this majestic vehicle.

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