Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023
Star Luxury Cars Mercedes Benz GT Roadster New York 2023

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a MERCEDES BENZ GT ROADSTER for hire in NEW YORK cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


The two-seat cabin has space for a pair of six-foot-tall adults


is powered by a 4.0-litre M178 twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The engine is in “hot inside V” configuration—with exhaust manifolds and turbochargers


seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission; the GT S variant employs an electronically controlled mechanical


Width : 76.34 inches / 193.9 cm
Height : 50.75 inches / 128.9 cm
Front Axle : 66.38 inches / 168.6 cm
Rear Axle : 65 inches / 165.1 cm


Those seeking explosive power and impressive craftsmanship should hire a Mercedes GT Roadster in New York with Starr Luxury Cars. This demanding vehicle has a wealth of beauty, standing out proudly on every road and gaining the attention of every passerby. It has a distinctive silhouette paired with an explosive engine that floods its unique sound throughout your system and reminds you of a true passion for driving. From business trips where you need to impress through to weekend vacations with your significant other, discover New York in undeniable style.

The Big Apple is one of the most visited cities in the world and it’s not hard to see why. With a wealth of history and a focus on style, there’s something here for everyone. Hire a Mercedes GT Roadster and discover the rural side of the state, taking the Seven Lakes Drive through Harriman State Park. View the beauty of each waterway while embracing the winds and switchbacks that challenge this luxury car to its fullest. If you’re here for the culture, a stay at The Peninsula Hotel can bring you closer to some of the finest sights available. Step behind the scenes at your favorite Broadway show or gain early access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a PhD Art Historian at your disposal for those burning questions. Those seeking the fashion capital’s heart need to find time for a leisurely shopping trip to Bergdorf Goodman. With the GT Roadster at your disposal, you’ll find no problem getting to your appointment on time and finding a hidden treasure from names including Jimmy Choo and Prada.

The Mercedes GT Roadster is the type of luxury car hire that turns heads. It has a distinctive silhouette, largely defined by the extra-long bonnet and aggressive grille. Sitting low to the ground, every detail has been honed for speed and performance, making it the type of vehicle that makes the hairs on the back of your stand on end. A 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine nestled underneath the hood can deliver 569bhp and 494 lb-ft of torque. With this, you’ll find it effortless to zoom up to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and (if legalities didn’t stand in the way) could find yourself soaring closer to 196 mph as a top speed.

Mercedes has also packed the GT Roadster with a wealth of technology to make sure that every mile is as enjoyable as possible. Electronically-controlled limited-slip differentials work to increase traction when needed, allowing you to take sharper and faster corners with confidence. As the seven-speed automatic gearbox shifts smoothly through, the switchable performance exhaust and four-wheel steering improve maneuverability and help you to achieve exceptional straight-line acceleration too. When the sun comes out, the convertible roof is a thing of beauty in its own right. It can be electronically operated in just 11 seconds and at speeds of up to 20mph, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty of open-top driving when the mood takes you. And the Mercedes Airscarf system steps in to reduce discomfort during crisp mornings too.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a plush and exquisite curation of materials including sumptuous leathers and polished woods. AMG-bucket seats wrap around your body, providing support through the sharpest corners and bringing you closer to the action as you accelerate. You’ll find a 12.3” infotainment screen nestled in the dashboard, bringing you access to all driving customisations. And, a premium Burmester audio system with 66400 watts and 10 speakers to flood the entire cabin with your chosen music, podcast or call.

At Starr Luxury Cars, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest fleets of luxury cars for hire in New York. Our tailored driving experiences are designed to meet your every need, with both short and long-term hire alongside additional extras to exceed your expectations. All of our vehicles are under two years old and undergo a meticulous servicing programme to ensure you always get the highest performance. So all you need to do is focus on enjoying every moment of your trip.

If you are interested in hiring a Mercedes GT Roadster in New York, please get in contact with our team here today.

If you are undecided on the best luxury car to rent, our entire fleet is available to view online here.