Starr Luxury Cars Mercedes-Benz S580 Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Mercedes-Benz S580 Los Angeles Hire
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Starr Luxury Cars Mercedes-Benz S580 Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Mercedes-Benz S580 Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Mercedes-Benz S580 Los Angeles Hire
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WIDTH : 76.9 IN

HEIGHT : 59.2 IN



Explore the City of Angels in impeccable comfort when you hire a Mercedes S580 in LA with Starr Luxury Cars. As the marque’s flagship model, this large and luxurious sedan brings a wealth of technology paired seamlessly with comfort. In a city renowned for its glittering A-list residents and memorable viewpoints, the S580 reignites your love of driving and ensures your next trip will be one to remember.

The Mercedes S580 feels as if it has been specifically crafted for the streets of LA. The silken drive exudes ultra-luxury, making it ideal for exploring the beauty of the city’s surroundings. Schedule a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, turning your head left and right to drink in picturesque cliffs and rolling oceanic views. If star spotting is on your agenda, head to The Platinum Triangle where the exquisite real estate and prestigious jewellers that decorate the roads are sure to make an impression. For anyone seeking a shopping experience like no other, you simply must make time for a visit to the world’s most exclusive luxury destination – Rodeo Drive. A hub of fashion, luxury and entertainment, indulge in brands such as Balenciaga, Chanel and Harry Winston to name a few. The space in the S580 affords you ample opportunity to shop big and bring back any number of souvenirs to remember your trip.

Seamlessly blending technology and agility, there’s a reason why the Mercedes S580 remains one of the marque’s most covetable models to date. It has a powerful presence on the road, with a light but strong chassis for added stability. In its 9th generation as of 2022, this is a car that has been crafted for luxury. The powerful 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine found underneath the bonnet delivers an impressive 496bhp and 516lb-ft of torque. 0-60mph takes just 3.7 seconds while reaching 100mph only adds a mere 5.6 seconds to your timing. If you had the space or track to test it out, the S580 can reach an impressive top speed of 155mph – enough to make your body fizz with excitement and continued comfort. The newer models are also privy to Mercedes; EQ Boost 48-volt mild-hybrid system which works to iron out gear changes, minimize turbo lag and improve the already impressively smooth drive.

Externally, the car has a presence that cannot fail to get noticed – even on the busiest of streets. The elegant silhouette features thin headlights and a fuselage-inspired front grill. Arching windows allow those inside to peek out while triangular headlights boast LED accents to ensure you’re seen on the road at all times. On the road, it is impressively nimble with premium models boasting 4.5-degree rear-axle steering for heightened stability. And, if you put your foot right down, the jet-engine thrust gives you a boost that has the blood rushing through your veins with excitement.

The Mercedes S580 comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission alongside a variety of different driving settings including Comfort, Sport and Sport+. The large 21” wheels are versatile enough to suit any type of driving and work alongside cross-drilled disc brakes for added security at high speeds. It is also Level 3 autonomy capable, in the regions where these regulations are allowed.

Slipping inside and the focus on luxury becomes even more apparent. A large 12.8” display sits at the heart of the dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to access the Mercedes Benz User Experiment infotainment set-up. Controlled by either voice or touch, it creates an innovative and easy means of communication with the car and getting the most out of every single drive. Choose your favorite radio station, flick through different coloured ambient lighting or adjust navigation settings to ensure you reach the next meeting on time. This system also allows multiple profiles to be created, allowing for more drivers on longer journeys.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with company, the five-seater interior is the perfect place to relax. The multi-contour and adjustable front seats can be customized with heating, ventilation and massage functions. You’ll notice an array of luxurious wood trim, polished black and leather detail along with the signature design aesthetics of this iconic German marque. For your rear-seat passengers, the option of two 25.4” touchscreen displays allows each person to indulge in their own form of entertainment – ideal for longer journeys with kids. And, at the rear, you’ll also find an impressive 550 liters of storage space that will easily accommodate golf clubs, overnight bags and essential items too.

Driving in LA is an experience all on its own and this luxury sedan blends effortlessly into the opulent surroundings. Hiring a Mercedes S580 in LA with Starr Luxury Cars allows you to heighten your experience, bringing undeniable comfort and craftsmanship to your fingers. We are proud to have the largest fleet of ultra-luxury cars for hire in Los Angeles with tailored driving packages to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for self-drive hire options or need a professional chauffeur to take you to your final destination, we’re here to help. Our friendly and professional team can organize both long and short-term hire alongside a host of additional extras from champagne through to bodyguard protection.

If you are interested in hiring a Mercedes S580 in LA, please get in contact with our professional team here today.

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