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front-engine, 5-wheel-drive


4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas

9-Speed Automatic

Length 204.9 in.
Height 72.4 in.


A car designed to slip in effortlessly with the opulence of this city, hire a Mercedes GLS Maybach in Las Vegas with Starr Luxury Cars today. The pinnacle of the German marques collection, this is a vehicle honed for perfection in every way possible. It brings unrivaled comfort and prestige, with the finest craftsmanship and a wealth of technology to outshine all others. In a city where big wins and opulence are in abundance, the GLS Maybach gives you the upper edge with on-road travel that suits stag/hen parties and wedding celebrations equally.

Las Vegas is a city where affluence is in abundance and dreams come true. Hiring a Mercedes GLS Maybach ensures you a trip to remember, whether you have a reservation at Joël Robuchon or a private pod on the High Roller scheduled. Collect your luxury car hire from the airport, load your luggage into the spacious boot and start your Vegas trip in unrivaled style. The GLS Maybach is a car that feels perfectly at home parked up at The Bellagio or pulled over outside Caesars Palace. Take a cruise down the trip, scoping out all of those world-renowned sights including the Mirage volcano and the Luxor Sphinx. You’ll sit surrounded by a haven of comfort while the bustle of everyone around you brings to life Sin City right before your very eyes. And if you’ve got excursions booked, such as a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, the Mercedes GLS Maybach is the perfect luxury vehicle to have at your disposal.

Flooding with grandeur and opulence, the Mercedes GLS Maybach is the largest SUV offered by the German marque. It is a celebration of their craftsmanship and prestige – a vehicle that embraces you from every angle and provides the perfect in-cabin experience. A 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine growls into life with the ignition, rumbling all around you and bringing the strength needed to draw this colossal vehicle around. While it is best enjoyed at cruising speeds, the GLS Maybach can still shoot you up to 60mph in 4.8 seconds. You’ll benefit from a nine-speed automatic gearbox with swift acceleration on every single road.

The drive is silky smooth, with a four-wheel drive system and air suspension that drinks in every bump and pothole ahead. Pair this with semi-autonomous driving settings and you have an opulent, on-road hotelier experience that promises to exceed your every expectation. Slip inside and you’ll find a spacious cabin wrapped in prestigious leather and honed to perfection. Real wood trim and pin-stripe details fill this space along with large, power-adjustable seats with heating and massage functions too. Climb into the rear and you’ll find recliner seats that make stretching out and on-road naps a thing of reality. And, no matter where you sit, the in-built fragrance diffuser envelopes your senses in a heavenly aroma.

The Mercedes GLS Maybach certainly doesn’t skimp on technology either. You’ll find a 123” infotainment display with access to the latest MBUX interface. Access the 27-speaker Burmester audio system along with smartphone wireless connectivity and the integrated sat nav too. Even in the back, your passengers won’t be ignored. You’ll find two 11.6” displays integrated into the headrests with uploaded games and movies – ideal for longer journeys alike.

No matter the trip or event in question, the Mercedes GLS Maybach is a truly remarkable vehicle. It brings the space and opulence to suit your needs, with features that promise an unforgettable drive on every road. Here at Starr Luxury Cars, we have the largest fleet of luxury cars in Las Vegas, with all of our vehicles being under 2 years old and thoroughly serviced. Our tailored driving experiences are honed to perfection, with both short and long term hire available. We also offer additional extras, including premium alcohol and VIP bodyguards for added protection.

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