Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
Starr Luxury Cars Miami Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet
We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a HIRE MERCEDES S63 AMG CABRIOLET in MIAMI cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.







WHEELBASE 2,850 MM (112.2 IN)
WIDTH : 1,854 MM (73 IN)

HEIGHT : 1,938 MM (76 IN)


Turn any corner in Miami and you’re sure to get noticed behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz S63 Cab. This magnificent car blurs the lines between speed and convertible thrill – a driving experience that promises to find a home amongst the Floridian coastline. It boasts a host of tailored features that mean it isn’t simply the drop-top version of it’s coupe ancestor. Instead, it is a powerful and technologically advanced exotic car rental that allows you to drink in the beauty of your surroundings with unrivalled power at your fingertips.


There is only one way to truly experience Miami and that’s from the driver’s seat of a convertible. The S63 Cab is surely a leading choice – especially if you plan on exploring such sights as South Beach or Collins Avenue. Stop at Macchialina for pasta and pizza. Drop by Bal Harbour and discover couture fashion in abundance. Or stop by for a dip in The Pool at The Raleigh Hotel and discover the state’s first public park. Discover some of the city’s most elusive sights in style and elegance that only a well-crafted Mercedes can offer.

This powerful exotic car is so much more than just a pretty face. It brings an abundance of speed to your fingertips too. The 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine brings 577bhp to your disposal, taking you up to a limited speed of 155mph. Alongside this, the 0-62mph sprint time of just 3.9 seconds means that, even on the shortest roads, you’ll feel a burst of power to take you to new heights. The exotic car has also been fitted with a unique sport exhaust system, utilising logic-controlled exhaust flaps in both rear silencers. Driving at lower speeds, the car will glide stealthily. When you put your foot down, these open to envelop you in an impressive roar that guarantees to turn heads.

As the driver, you’re afforded a wealth of technology to make your drive as enjoyable as possible. The AMG 4Matic all-wheel drive system drinks in all weather conditions and terrains, creating a silky smooth drive. Pair this with the Mercedes-AMG’s MCT 7-speed Sports transmission and Mercedes ADS Plus adaptive damping and you have a drive that customises seamlessly to suit your needs. Multiple driving modes give you personalisation every time you sit behind the wheel with the option to increase or decrease the ride by 30mm on different surfaces.

The best way to experience this exotic car is to roll back the triple layer electric roof. Mercedes have perfected their roof, providing you with best-in-class noise insulation that makes the cockpit a haven of calm. The soft top also folds back in less than 20 seconds and can be operated at speeds of up to 31mph, meaning you won’t have to stop the fun to change your driving experience. All details have been considered for your comfort. An integrated deflector raises from the windscreen once the roof is safely packaged away. This redirects wind flow away from the front two seats, ensuring it won’t cause distraction or discomfort at height speeds. This is the best best way to drink in the distinctive rumble of the V8 – with both the top and your foot down.

Look around as you sit inside and you’ll notice how carefully Mercedes have honed the cockpit for your benefit. A large 12.3” infotainment TFT widescreen sits in the dashboard, complimented by a 13-speaker Burmester sound system. Turn on your favourite music, make a call to your team before arriving or simply listen to the perfect road trip playlist. Each Nappa leather seat cradles your body, supporting your back and ensuring you feel every inch of its opulence. And for added safety and peace of mind, the composite brake system and 19” wheels provide such excellent grip, you can drive without concern in most conditions.

Miami is the place where dreams are made. Where the rich and affluent indulge in their favourite pastimes and where you’re sure to make unforgettable memories. There’s no better way to enjoy everything it has to offer than behind the wheel of an exotic car hire. At Starr Luxury Cars, we have the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in Miami, with access to exclusive and limited-edition releases too. Our Mercedes fleet is continuously popular, providing corporate and leisure enjoyment to drivers with all different needs. We also have an experienced and friendly team on hand to tailor you driving experience precisely. So, whether you’re planning on popping the question, taking the family away for the weekend or feeling adrenaline running through your veins, we have the perfect luxury car hire for you.

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