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ENGINE 6,592 CC (402.3 CU IN) BMW N74 TWIN-TURBO V12[1]
WHEELBASE 3,112 MM (122.5 IN) LENGTH 5,268 MM (207.4 IN) WIDTH 1,948 MM (76.7 IN) KERB WEIGHT 2,440 KG (5,379.3 LB)



An elegant symphony of classic British luxury and exceptional craftsmanship – discover the Rolls Royce Wraith. As an exotic car for rent, it surpasses all expectations. From the distinctive body through to the exemplary materials used throughout, the Wraith is a vehicle to enjoy for longer distance journeys. It is the first luxury sports car to be developed by Rolls Royce; a challenging model against some of the other grand tourers on the market. Yet where it takes precedence is in its heritage. The marque has become renowned for its focus on delivering exceptionally comfortable cars for the most lavish of events and this continues tenfold with this impressively quick model.

The Wraith is nothing if not just as imposing as its predecessors. While the focus has been on creating a sportier aesthetic, the dominating presence hasn’t waned away. The large grille still leads the way on every road while hand-brazen body panels create the sleekest, aerodynamic body imaginable. Not to mention, Rolls Royce has included a double front bulkhead in the design for soundproofing and to guarantee the relaxation of every passenger.

Under the bonnet, a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 engine makes it one of the most powerful Rolls Royce models ever inventor. It delivers 624bhp to the rear wheels which, in the 2.4-tonne vehicle, allows for a 0-60mph sprint time of just 4.4 seconds. At its fastest, you’ll reach 155mph with a honed suspension designed to minimise roll during corners. Add the widened rear axel and shorter wheelbase into the mix and you have a luxury car rental that glides across the roads and delivers you unprecedented comfort. And don’t forget the eight-speed ZF auto setting that automatically selects the right gear to cater for the terrain ahead.

Moving inside, the luxury continues seamlessly. Extra-long, rear-hinged coach doors provide full, uninterrupted access to the spacious cabin. Rolls Royce’s have always been celebrated for their focus on passenger comfort and that doesn’t stop here. Four plush luxury seats nestle within this exotic vehicle, providing plenty of leg and head space to stretch out on longer journeys. The soundproofed cabin blocks out distractions from other road users, making it the ideal moving office for conference trips or romantic corners to pre-empt a special trip.

Look around and you’ll spot those smaller details of sheer luxury that Rolls Royce has become synonymous with. The finest Canedel woods, carefully finished metals and sumptuous leather envelope every passenger while ergonomically placed controls make it easier for the driver to control too. A 10.3” high-definition multi-media display sits behind a discrete wooden panel, controlled by the rotary controller crafted from crystal cut glass. Connect your phone, listen to your favourite podcast or connect with others in the business to ensure you’re ready for the next meeting.

For those drivers seeking a luxury car rental suited to longer excursions, the Rolls Royce Wraith provides an abundance of storage space. The boot is an impressive 470 litres – large enough to comfortably fit suitcases, overnight bags and even golf clubs if needed. Equally, the seats themselves are a haven of space, meaning you can optimise on storage when needed the most.

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