Is Driving Dangerous For Teens?

Most teens are very excited to learn how to drive; most cant wait to get their first car and go for a cruise. However, most parents are probably a bit nervous about their teens getting behind the wheel and rightfully so. Many teens get involved in dangerous accidents due to immaturity and recklessness. Many issues like to push the limits when it comes to driving; especially if they drive a fast car like a Ferrari Car Hire or a sporty Lamborghini hire . As a result, many participate in risky behaviours such as speeding, cutting off other drivers, engaging on road rage or even illegal street racing. Have a serious talk about your teen about the dangers of these behaviours. Communication is imperative and parents have a great influence when it comes to the driving behaviours of their teens. Drinking and driving happens more with teens than adults. Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. One of the three fatal crashes among teens involves the use of alcohol. 18 year old have the highest crash rate in the UK. Another contributing is that teens are less likely to use seat belts than adults. Let your teen know about the dangers of stepping inside the car with a drunk friend. Let them know they should take the keys away from their intoxicated friend and that getting in the car can lead to a dangerous and even fatal accident. Let them know that they can always call you and that you will pick them up in this type of situation. It’s not just the drunk drivers that get hurt; passengers can get hurt too. Despite these dangers; technology gives some of the power back to the parents. Ford Motor Company has an optional system available for installation on cars like the Ford Fusion St Louis and Ford Explorer St Louis called the Ford MyKey System. This system let’s parents control the audio and speed of the vehicle while their kids are behind the wheel. Parents can limit the speed. It cant take curb all of your teens bad habits but it can definitely help.