Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023
Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023
Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023
Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023
Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023
Starr Luxury Cars Lamborghini Urus Dubai 2023

We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a LAMBORGHINI URUS for hire in DUBAI cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.


Number of doors: 5
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.6 seconds
Cargo volume: 616 L, 1,596 L


turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, an eight-speed ZF 8HP


8-speed automatic


5,112 mm L x 2,016 mm W x 1,638 mm H


The Lamborghini Urus hire car is an exceptional and unique vehicle. As the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle in the world, it offers a heady combination of phenomenal performance and stunning looks with heaps of practicality too. The Urus is a fantastic choice of hire car in Dubai, whatever the occasion.

Taking inspiration from the angular looks of the Lamborghini Aventador, the Urus has a striking and imposing exterior design that is sure to turn heads from the Burj Khalifa to The Four Seasons. The interior doesn’t disappoint either. The cabin is atmospheric and dramatic, and as distinctive and recognisable as any other model from the luxury marque. The start button is hidden beneath a red flip cover and the dash and trims are swathed in luxurious carbon fibre and suede. Leather sports seats and a leather steering wheel complete the lavish looks inside, and you’ll be kept informed and entertained via the twin screen infotainment system.

As for practicality, the Lamborghini Urus hire car scores highly on that front too. The back seats are spacious for any passengers you may be bringing along for the ride, and there’s good storage in the door pockets and central stack for smaller items like sunglasses. The cargo area offers up to 22 cubic feet of storage too.

So how does this super SUV perform? Impressively. The immensely powerful 650hp V8 petrol engine enables the Lamborghini Urus hire car to sprint from a standstill to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds. That makes it one of the fastest SUVs on the road. This luxury rental car is also capable of reaching a top speed of 190mph.

An eight speed gearbox and six different driving modes make this incredible machine a true joy to drive. It even has adjustable air suspension, allowing you to raise and lower it for better cornering. Despite weighing in at over two tonnes, the Urus feels nimble on the road – helped further by the four wheel steering and active anti-roll bars.

The Lamborghini Urus hire car really has so much to offer and is as close to perfection as you can get in an SUV. If you can see yourself driving this exceptional vehicle in Dubai, please get in contact with our professional team here today.

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