Redefine Fun Behind The Wheel With The Launch Of The Ferrari 296 GTB

Starr Luxury Cars America Launch Ferrari 296 GTB

Since 1947, the name Ferrari has rumbled through the senses and powered down the tracks. In 2022, this powerhouse marque continues to make waves with the launch of the Ferrari 296 GTB. An evolution from the original Berlinetta concept, this hybrid vehicle delivers a new engine and distinctive aural character that guarantees to turn heads and reach the pinnacle of driving opulence. As a luxury car for hire, it promises to bring the power of Ferrari to the fingertips of the most passionate of drivers.

Starr Luxury Cars Launch Ferrari 296 GTB

The marque’s first hybridised V6 engine

It’s no surprise that names such as Ferrari are stepping into the race for electric car leadership. Increasing awareness of the cost and detriment of combustion engines has caused a shift in buyer preference – even within the sports car niche. The marque has promised its fans an all-electric model by 2025 but the Ferrari 296 GTB makes the first steps as a hybrid innovation in their portfolio.

The vehicle is powered by a bespoke twin-turbo 3.0-litre 2992cc V6 engine. Developed in house by the brand, this impressive unit delivers up to 645bhp. While this on its own would be impressive, the addition of a 7.45kWh battery pack brings the total power capabilities up to 819bhp – more than the impressive F8 Tributo. Working together, 0-62mph is achieved in 2.9 seconds while 205 mph as the top speed makes this the ultimate track car.

If you’re looking for stealth, quiet and eco-friendly drive capabilities, the electric battery can be used independently for short distances. Travel up to 16 miles and at a maximum speed of 84mph – yes, it won’t help you win any races but it puts the Ferrari in another class of electric road vehicles.

An aural experience like no other

Where the Ferrari 296 truly takes centre stage is with the sound. The marque has dubbed it the ‘piccolo V12’ (small V12) and it’s no surprise when you put your foot down. With the V6 and electric powertrain working in unison, your eas are treated to a ferocious roar that cannot fail to turn heads. Even when driven in all-electric mode, Ferrari’s experts have carefully honed the sound to make it exciting and full of power – the sort of noise you want behind you as you soar around the tracks or through the roads.

Starr Luxury Cars Launch Ferrari 296 GTB

Carved for aerodynamics and performance

Luxury cars for hire and for use on the tracks need to deliver in speed and excitement. The Ferrari 296 GTB has been crafted for just that – a combination of thrilling speed and compact elegance. Sweeping lines and the low sitting chassis embody the power of this Italian marque, exuding Ferrari luxury at every angle. The underbody of the car has been optimised with the use of integrated air ducts within the headlights. Freeing up bulk, this allows the vehicle to suction to the road, heightening grip and improving the overall drive quality on the sharpest corner.

A wrap-around windscreen envelopes the front body, taking its inspiration from the P80/C. Move around the back and the rear window sits vertically to stay true to the car’s focus on compact design. An active rear spoiler sits within the body of the rear bumper. Sleek and flowing with the body of the 296 GTB, it also helps to generate up to 360kg of downforce when travelling at speeds of 155mph.

Nestled inside 70 years of Italian craftsmanship

Slip inside the two-seater luxury sports car for hire and you’ll discover that refined luxury continues within. An integrated digital screen steps in – the same as fitted in the SF90 Stradale. From the plush seats, you’ll have comfortable access to all necessary controls with a curved display that tailors to your comfort exactly. The vehicle operates on four different levels – eDrive, Hybrid, Performance and Qualify – and switching between these is easy with the addition of the eManettino switch on the steering wheel.

The drive is slick and comfortable, designed to grip the road and give you both speed and confidence at the same time. And, if you do decide to take this vehicle away overnight, the seats can be tilted forward to access a parcel shelf and front boot too.

Starr Luxury Cars Launch Ferrari 296 GTB

Designed for the road and the track

The name Ferrari was made for the track and the 296 GTB makes for a luxury car for hire that deserves to clip the corners. It’s fast – remarkably so when used in Performance mode. That 819bhp powertrain sits just below your feet, giving you the power needed to beat personal bests and feel exhilaration like no other. The vehicle has a full brake system, heightened through the use of aero brake callipers from the SF90 Stradale. Pair this with features such as the Dynamic Chassis Sensor and new ABS Evo which reduce brake travel and improve stopping time and you have a vehicle you’ll feel confident in too.

Move on to the roads and the Ferrari 296 GTB performs just as well. It growls as it moves through the streets, turning heads and ensuring you’ll get many an approving glance. When you switch to eDrive move, the car remains smooth and reliable, providing an eco-friendly drive with all of the presence that these iconic vehicles demand.

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Luxury car hire is an experience like no other – offering you the opportunity to indulge in speed both on the track and on the road. Track days take on new levels and bring a new level of competitiveness to your friendship group or on corporate hospitality days. Weekends away become unforgettable moments when they’re taken in the prestige car for hire of your dreams. The Ferrari 296 GTB has recently been released onto the market and the response has been as expected. At Starr Luxury Cars, we are proud to have the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK, including a wide selection of Ferrari’s too. Our team can organise everything, from delivery to your designated location to additional packages for weddings, anniversaries or signature events. All of our vehicles are kept in immaculate condition and can be rented across the UK. To discover your dream Ferrari for hire, view our full portfolio here.

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