Luxury Cars Require Luxury Fuel

There are few better things in life than driving a luxury hire car; nothing comes close to the pleasure and thrill you get from knowing that your vehicle is one of the most finest crafted machines in the world. Renting a luxury car is an investment and now that you have obtained the auto you have always craved, whether is a Mercedes Benz hire, Ferrari hire or a Jaguar hire car, you will want to keep her in great running condition for as long as possible. It will also vital that you fill up the car of your dreams with the correct fuel. Premium gas is required for the majority of luxury and exotic automobiles. Odd are high that your automobile will require premium. What determines the type of gas you will need is the compression rate of your engine. What it boils down to is if you want to obtain ultimate speed and performance, it will cost you just a bit more at the pump. When it comes to fuel, there are a few different octane levels available.  Premium gas generally has an octane rating of 91 or 92 (depending which U.S state you are in) while standard fuel has one of 87 and mid-grade comes in at around 89. The main issue with using just regular gas in a vehicle that requires premium is that it could potentially damage your vehicle’s engine.  There is a major difference in the manufacturer recommending high octane fuel instead of absolutely requiring it. If it’s merely recommended, then using regular gas will not hurt your engine; it will only lessen performance around half a second, which is something that the average person wouldn’t notice. A few of the newest luxury cars, such as the MKZ from Lincoln and the STS by Cadillac utilize regular unleaded fuel.  A few drivers may think that using more expensive gas will clean out their engine more efficiently or make their cars run faster but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t. However, if your car does require the expensive type of gas and if you fail to follow the recommended guidelines, you might hear noises when you are reaching fast called “pinging” or “knocking”. This noise is the result of the fuel and air combusting on an uneven basis and this could lead to damage over a long period of time.  In order to get rid of the noise simply use the correct fuel and if it doesn’t help, odds are high that your vehicle needs some type of repair and it would be a good idea to visit a mechanic. Therefore it’s crucial to follow the manufactures recommendations for your auto. You spent a lot of money on your automobile so make sure that you get to enjoy her power and speed for a long time to come. The difference in cost between premium and gas is very small, it’s only around 20p a gallon, or a few hundred pounds a year depending on how frequently you drive. It is a well established fact that high performance vehicles require more money to maintain and service versus regular cars.  So, no matter what type of ride you have, make sure that you fill her up with the correct type of gas to keep her running for a long time to come.