Starr Luxury Cars are proud to be able to offer the largest fleet of exclusive luxury  4×4 self-drive, range rover hire cars, and chauffeured Range Rover SUV vehicles within the UK and Europe.

Range Rover are unquestionably at the forefront of the market when it comes to luxury 4×4 vehicles and make for a fantastic option for a hire / rental for many occasions.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable weekend away drive with the family. Or, looking to transport the bride and groom to the wedding location in style? Range Rover should really be at the top of your list as they cater perfectly for these memorable occasions that also require an additional stylish impact to the proceedings as well…

Range Rover are the true definition of a comfortable and technologically advanced luxury hire car vehicle,  that is also incredibly powerful as well underneath the bonnet.

Not only do we have the largest fleet of 4×4 Range Rover hire vehicles in pristine condition ready and waiting for your booking, we also have each of our vehicles available in a variety of colours to suit your preference as well.

For more information about any of our rental Range Rovers, simply click on your car of choice below to be taken to their own profile page with all of their detailed specifications and further information about our pricing.

If you prefer to discuss your requirements over the phone, then please do give us a call directly on 02036001631 and we will be very happy to organise your Range Rover UK rental today!

If you are not sure about which model to hire, please check out our top range rover rental car

We highly recommend Starr Luxury Cars for your luxury hire car needs. We use the Audis for our overseas clients when they visit and the service and support is exceptional. The Audi fleet is the largest in the UK and Starr Luxury Cars alaways has a car on stand-by to ensure our clients have the car, even if it is a last minute request.

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Maybach Motorenbau as it is officially known, is a now defunct luxury vehicle manufacturer who now operates as a sub-division of Mercedez Benz.

Maybach as it is more commonly known was founded way back in 1909, by none other than Wilhelm Maybach and his son.

A few years later in 1960, Maybach was officially acquired by highly respected Daimler-Benz and the Maybach brand returned as a standalone uber-luxury vehicle brand whilst sharing many of the most significant components of Mercedes Benz.

After admittedly disappointing and slow sales, the Maybach brand returned again to become a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, and has since gone from strength to strength in producing the most luxurious editions of modern spacious “limousines” the world has ever seen.

Maybach are hugely popular with high level CEO’s who spend much of their time on the road and wish to bring the comfort of their office with them wherever they go.

The comfort within the interior of a Maybach can only be compared to a first class airline and the Maybach incorporates some of the latest technology within their vehicles as well.

The smoothness of Maybach experience is truly second-to-none and makes a fantastic choice for weekend getaways or especially weddings where the bride and groom wish to arrive in style.