Six-Night Ultimate Wellness Retreat for One with Rolls-Royce Phantom Chauffeur

£4,099.00 £3,465.00

What’s included?

  • Private chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom to and from the venue
  • Six-night stay in luxury all-inclusive accommodation, Homefield Grange
  • Significant weight loss and detox programme with specialist treatments
  • Full health food menu with food preparation classes
  • Personal coaching, yoga and meditation for whole lifestyle change

Situated in Northampton, Homefield Grange is a luxury health retreat which offers comprehensive programmes to aid weight loss or provide you with a full detox, including coaching and support which can help you to change your lifestyle in the long-term.

Based in a converted stone farmhouse, the luxurious health venue is set at the edge of a quaint English village and surrounded by countryside, ensuring you breathe the freshest air possible. The retreat has been visited by celebrities such as Amanda Holden and Carole Vorderman who praise the programme, having seen significant results.

The ultimate wellness package at Homefield Grange includes six nights at one of the most luxurious health retreats in the UK. Perfect for individuals looking to kickstart weight loss and make a long-term lifestyle change, this programme can result in weight loss of 1-3lbs a day, although results may vary.

Thanks to the beautiful location and luxury accommodation and comprehensive schedule alongside the finest quality health foods and natural juices, the ultimate wellness package is enjoyable, making a healthier lifestyle easier to achieve.

Your luxury wellness experience will begin when your private chauffeur arrives at your address in your Rolls-Royce Phantom. One of the most luxurious cars ever made, the Phantom will provide a calm and elegant space in which you can relax, beginning to get yourself in the right state of mind for your detox.

Every element of the iconic Phantom’s interior has been carefully considered and crafted to ensure you experience luxury in its highest form. The finest quality materials have been hand-crafted to create sumptuous seating in which you can recline and unwind.

Advanced soundproofing allows you to escape the outside world while years of experience in engineering means that the Phantom can offer one of the smoothest, relaxing journeys you’ll ever have.

Starlit ambient lighting, climate control and discreet modern technology features allow you to spend the journey however you wish whilst your smartly presented professional chauffeur will handle your luggage and concentrate on getting you to your destination feeling refreshed.

Once you arrive at Homefield Grange, the five-star service will continue as you have the opportunity to make yourself comfortable in cosy and calm in your luxury accommodation with ensuite.

Once ready, you will have a private consultation with a trained practitioner, discussing the best way for you to achieve the results you desire.

Your weight loss and detox schedule will begin with refreshing daily walks in the countryside followed by a variety of cardio classes and yoga along with a low-calorie diet of freshly made juices and homemade soup, designed to cleanse the gut and build immunity.

You will also have full access to the wellness spa and receive daily treatments including colonic hydrotherapy, body exfoliation, Rasul thermal mud treatment and Shangri-la massage.

Along with activities and treatments, you will have the opportunity to listen to motivational health talks, food preparation demonstrations and inspiring films which arm you with all the tools you need to continue your new healthy lifestyle once you return home.

At the end of your stay your body and mind will be feeling cleansed, energetic and more positive about fitness than ever. Your Rolls-Royce chauffeur will then arrive to take you back home in the prestige Phantom, allowing you to continue your luxury experience before returning to city life.

The ultimate wellness package with Rolls-Royce chauffeur is an excellent way to focus on yourself and set yourself up for a future of health and fitness.

Spending a week away from the stresses of normal life, Homefield Grange also promotes self-care, making this luxury health retreat experience an excellent gift for a friend or loved one, particularly after a stressful time or to celebrate a milestone birthday.

The combination of a carefully crafted schedule, beautiful setting and luxury transport means that taking the first step in a full lifestyle change has never been so easy or enjoyable.