The Finest Minds In Fashion - Step From A Luxury Car To The Red Carpet At The Fashion Awards 2022- Chauffeur

The 5th December 2022 brings one of the most anticipated events in the fashion calendar to the streets of London – The Fashion Awards. Presented by Diet Coke and located in the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, the UK’s answer to the Met Gala celebrates self-expression and fashion as well as the industry’s connection to culture and change. Originating in 1989, this red-carpet extravaganza has become the place to be seen and acts as a fundraiser for the BFC foundation. It supports the future growth and success of the British fashion industry, recognising those in the creative field who are making an impact. In total, 15 leaders of change will be celebrated. An additional 50 up-and-coming designers will find themselves initiated into the New Wave: Creatives programme. Unlike the Met Gala, the Fashion Awards have an open-ticketing set-up which allows you to rub shoulders with some of the most influential individuals in the fashion world. And nothing says style, sophistication and excellence like arriving on the red carpet in a chauffeur-driven luxury car hire.


Red carpet style and chauffeur-driven excellence

Anyone who is anyone knows that the only way to arrive on the red carpet is behind the wheels of an exquisite vehicle. By choosing a chauffeur-driven experience, you eliminate the worry of unreliable public transport or parking stresses. Instead, you’ll be led into a haven of comfort in which you can switch off, relax and await the excitement of the upcoming awards. Our professional, courteous and well-presented chauffeurs take care of everything, from identifying the right route to delivering additional extras such as luxury alcohol packages to your fingertips. At every stage of the way, you’ll feel just as pampered as the celebrities posing for the explosion of camera lights.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Parked in Coventry Town Centre.

Discover impeccable British luxury with a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom

Pay homage to one of the greatest fashion cities in the world and choose a Rolls Royce Phantom VIII with a professional chauffeur for your Fashion Awards journey. Offering an exceptional level of space, this is a prestige car designed for passenger comfort. Everything from the wide, rear-opening doors to the exquisitely hand-crafted leather interior comes together for your convenience. Slip inside, with the space to accommodate your floor-length gown or ensure no creases on your suit and sit back. Each vehicle is hand-built in Goodwood, with features including a signature starlit roof, individual climate control and your own HD infotainment screen. The perfect space to precede an evening surrounded by the finest stars in the industry.

Opt for the finest silhouettes with a chauffeur-driven Bentley Bentayga

Alternatively, discover the exquisite luxury of hiring a Bentley Bentayga with a chauffeur. A prestige car hire designed for the passenger, this vehicle leans on a blend of luxury materials and traditional British values. It is beautiful inside and out, offering spacious seating and ambient lighting alongside one of the most formidable sound systems in the world to envelop you in luxury. Your professional chauffeur is there to help you enter, ensure you’re comfortable and even pour a glass of champagne before you set off. Ideal for British weather, this luxurious SUV rises high about the ground and glides over all terrains and through most weather conditions with ease. The panoramic roof provides a unique view of your surroundings while the impressive silhouette promises to make everyone turns their heads outside of the Royal Albert Ball – the perfect arrival.

The Fashion Awards 2022 promise to be an event to remember and one swathed in luxury. Hiring a prestige car with a professional chauffeur allows you to turn a night out into one to be remembered. With our professional chauffeurs at your disposal, you simply need to find the perfect outfit and step inside the luxury car hire of your choice.

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