The Four Best Luxury Cars To Hire This Easter, Make This Year's Staycation One To Remember

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The Easter holidays are upon us and, for many families, so is the first holiday of the year. Challenges at UK airports and with international restrictions have pushed the continued rise in popularity towards staycations. More and more of us are opting to discover the beauty of the English countryside and there’s no better way to do this than by renting a luxury car. It’s a misconception that prestige cars for hire only suit businessmen or romantic getaways. Hiring the right luxury car will provide you with the space, security and luxury your family needs to switch off. Not to mention it offers an opportunity to trial the car of your dreams to see how it could fit into your current lifestyle.

The leading marques within this industry design vehicles for all different drivers and passenger groupings. So, whether you’re taking the family to the height of the Scottish Pennines or have a friend-cation booked in Bath, Starr Luxury Cars have a prestige car hire to take you there. Here are the 4 best luxury 4×4 cars to hire this Easter.

Go off-road or on-road with the Range Rover Sport

When we think of long-haul journeys and tackling multiple different terrains, Range Rovers are never far from our minds. The iconic marque has made its name for designing and releasing exquisite 4×4 vehicles that glide across the road while embodying elegance. The Range Rover Sport is a leader within this specific niche, providing ample space inside for up to 5 adults. Strapping in the children’s car seats, loading in two weeks’ worth of luggage or ensuring everyone in your party can recline comfortably – all taken care of with this signature car.

The exterior has been designed for impact, with a muscular silhouette and sporty design accents. Whether you’re driving through the main high street or soaring around hillsides, you’re sure to turn a head or two. The marque’s All Wheel Drive feature paired with the All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) means the wheels grip all kinds of terrain. Stick to the roads or take it off-kilter, exploring the land as you travel to help build memories that will last a lifetime.

This vehicle hasn’t passed over the safety element either. A wealth of driver aids integrate into the Touch Pro duo infotainment system. When driving at night, daytime running lights deliver laser technology that floods the road ahead with 5x more intense light than standard LEDs. The fuel-efficient engine means travelling for a distance won’t empty your pockets while also minimising the risk of breaking down in more remote areas. With ample space in the booth and features such as automatic height adjustments for passenger comfort, the Range Rover Sport for hire is a car you won’t forget in a hurry.

Starr Luxury Cars - UK Car Hire

Rediscover the pleasure in driving with the BMW X5 M-Sport

Taking the family away for the week easily combines with indulging in your own passions when you hire a BMW X5 M-Sport for your Easter break. This dynamic vehicle embraces everything that the M-design package offers without taking away from practicality. It easily seats 5 people, with the space to relax or doze off in the back seat. If your party exceeds this, there is also a 7-seater option, so no one need get left behind. Inside, the focus is solely on comfort. Merino leather, adjustable seats and adjustable ambience settings mean you’ll be able to create a haven of comfort while you drive. And, the Intelligent Personal Assistant feature also means finding the nearest services, toilet or coffee pit stop is effortlessly easy.

The BMW X5 M-Sport is also remarkably safe and loaded with a wealth of safety features to improve your driving experience. It may be powered by a V8 engine with a top speed of 155mph and 0-60 ratings of 4.2 seconds but this power hasn’t been left to run free without restraint. The marque’s xDrive package steps in to distribute this power between all 4 wheels. On a multitude of terrains, it heightens stability, improves grip and ensures the continued comfort of all of your passengers.

Starr Luxury Cars - UK Car Hire

Bring the entire family along in the Audi Q7

Another entry into our lineup had to be the Audi Q7. Fuel efficient, demanding on the road and suited to a host of different terrains, this powerful vehicle makes light work of any trip this Easter. It can be configured to seat up to 7 people without compromising on luxury in any form. Inside, the car feels spacious and airy – the perfect space to spend relaxing or entertaining the children. For the passenger and driver, their seats have a wide range of electrical movements and excellent visibility on the road ahead.

Again, safety is a key focus here. While the vehicle is large and powerful, it has surprisingly light steering that is highly responsive and works alongside the adaptive suspension. The vehicle received a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating – the highest available – making it one of the most reliable to house the most important people in the world to you. Secondary Collision Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Control also pair with an anti-lock braking system and all-around cameras to ensure you’re able to spot every hazard on the road.

For entertainment, the car has been fitted with the Audi MNI Navigation Plus infotainment system that focuses on high-tech luxury. Navigate to your nearest services, charge your phone to keep the children entertained or enjoy the family’s favourite music as you glide across the country. This luxury car for hire has been crafted for families, for space and for comfort all in one.

Starr Luxury Cars - UK Car Hire

Embrace space and luxury with the Mercedes GLS

Regarded as being one of the most nimble and agile luxury 4×4 for hire on the market, the Mercedes GLS is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it make a dominating presence on the roads. It also offers an impressively smooth ride that absorbs bumps in the road and prioritises comfort at all times. The long bonnet and masculine shape have an undeniable power on the road while Advanced E-Active Body Control suspension provides the most intelligent technology for ride comfort.

Inside, the Mercedes GLS for hire has enough space for up to 7 people – plenty of room to accommodate children, parents, grandparents and even pets. The long-wheelbase provides ample legroom while the exterior holds on to the marque’s chiselled and iconic persona.

Designed to keep the kids entertained throughout, the vehicle is fitted with a widescreen infotainment system with touch and voice-activated control for ease. Play your favourite podcast, check the latest football results or give in to their demands for nursery rhymes, all with just a few taps. Ambient lighting elevates the entire experience while massaging seats and 5-zone climate control bring that spa-like experience into even the busiest of excursions.

At the back, a 470-litre boot makes packing for the week considerably easier. And, if you’re travelling with fewer guests, the third row of seats can also be folded down to offer up to 890 litres. Bring your home comforts while still escaping the daily grind this Easter.

Escape this Easter in true luxury with Starr Luxury Cars

Holidays with loved ones have developed a new meaning over the past few years. At Starr Luxury Cars, we have the largest fleet of prestige cars for hire in the UK. Our luxury 4×4 hire cars are a cut above the rest, blurring the lines between space, excitement and practicality. For families, they afford you an opportunity to create new memories and indulge in your own automotive dreams at the same time.

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