The Latest Luxury SUV is Revealed: Everything You Need to Know About the Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Mercedes-Maybach have been known to produce some of the most beautiful cars in the world. If understated luxury is to your taste, Maybach cater well with classic exterior designs and prestigious interiors made from some of the finest materials in the world. And the new Mercedes-Maybach is no different. In fact, it may be even better as Mercedes-Maybach have chosen to use modern technology to improve comfort and functionality in ways which we’ve never seen before. Catching up with the likes of Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini, Mercedes-Maybach are the latest to enter the luxury SUV hire car market, as they revealed their latest model at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November, the luxurious GLS.

Now to follow the footsteps of other elite carmakers, what makes the Mercedes-Maybach GLS different? And where does it sit when compared to the prestige SUVs we’ve already seen emerge in the last couple of years?

Mercedes-Maybach GLS: Luxury Looks and Incredible Interior Design

This new prestige 4×4 hire car is undeniably stunning. Taking the subtle yet classic design features from other Maybach models and the beautiful form of the Mercedes-Benz GLS, the new model might quite possibly be the most beautiful luxury SUV ever made. It features a gorgeous two-tone design, available in eight different colour combinations with a pinstripe pattern grille and chrome finishes throughout.

With Mercedes-Maybach traditionally designing cars to be driven in which are favoured by A-list celebrities and royalty from across the globe, the new GLS had a different focus to other prestige 4x4s. The impressive interior has been carefully designed to create one of the most luxurious spaces in the world. Passengers can relax in the finest surroundings with access to numerous controls to create the perfect environment. Electronically controlled blinds have been fitted in the rear and on the sunroof to allow passengers the choice of what they see, whilst superior noise insulation means you can enjoy all the comforts of a saloon car within an SUV.

An optional fold-out table and mini refrigerator allow you to enjoy the benefits of an executive hire car within an immense 4×4 model, allowing you to take life’s little luxuries wherever you go and improved leather seating is said to mould to the passenger’s back, creating an opulently comfortable space. You may also choose to set the individual heated massage chairs to recline and peacefully relax within the near-silent cabin as you make your journey. The GLS can even be connected to your smart watch to tune in with your personal stats, adjusting the settings accordingly to reduce stress or promote sleep to your preference. And once you’ve arrived at your destination, stylish aluminium running boards are automatically deployed within a second of the rear doors opening, allowing easy access with minimal effort.

New Mercedes-Maybach: Luxurious Functionality and Impressive Performance

The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS will feature a 4.0 litre V8 engine alongside a 48V starter motor to help to reduce emissions and allow for fuel savings. In Mercedes-Maybach’s first step at introducing hybrid technology, the GLS will have an electronically controlled top speed of 155mph, accelerating from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, both perfectly adequate performance stats for a luxury SUV which is not focussed on speed.

Whilst a lot of carmakers are using state-of-the-art technology to increase the speed or power of their cars, for Maybach it is all about the quality of the ride. A new Curve drive mode allows the car to tilt up to three degrees whilst turning, reducing the impact of sharp turns on passengers for a more comfortable ride whilst new 23-inch spoked wheels have been exclusively designed for Mercedes-Maybach.

New innovation also means that the Mercedes-Maybach GLS will automatically shut the windows if poor air quality is detected or the GPS determines that the driver is approaching a tunnel, always ensuring you have the best space to relax or work. A new Maybach Air Balance package has been introduced to further improve the air quality, reducing the number of bacteria and viruses in the air.

The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS is expected to be released in the US in the second half of 2020 and will follow in the UK shortly after. With one of the most luxurious, high tech interiors we’ve ever seen on a luxury SUV the Mercedes-Maybach will be available for self-drive hire and chauffeur-driven services as soon as it’s arrived so you can now experience a new generation of prestige and an exclusive taste at where the luxury car industry may head next.