Starr Luxury Car’s Top 5 Hired Cars of 2021

From the beginning, 2021 was set to be a unique year. Following on from the pandemic and awash with restrictions lifting, changing and being reinstated, it was also the year that many people sought luxury in their everyday lives. Weekend trips with family transformed from simple excuses to get away and, instead, became much-anticipated occasions where families embraced once more and unforgettable memories were made. Businesses that had closed their doors for many months in 2020 forged new corporate relationships, resulting in official trips designed to propel both sides to new levels of prosperity. 

At Starr Luxury Cars, this manifested into flocks of intrepid thrill seekers dipping their toes in the world of luxury car hire. Road trips were no longer just a convenience – a way to skip the perils of public transport. In 2021, they became a thing of opulence and a chance to embrace our re-established freedom. Instead of settling for the well-loved motorcar that had set up permanent residence on our driveways, we looked for alternatives that placed incomparable power beneath our feet. And of the many vehicles in our fleet, there were 5 that took precedence over all others.

Range Rover Vogue


With the world reopening to varying degrees, the need to explore our exquisite countryside stepped to the forefront of importance. And, the Range Rover Vogue parked in alongside it, blurring the lines between luxury and off-road travel. As one of the leading rivals within the luxury SUV market, it was designed from the ground upwards to make a presence. From the minute you step aboard, there is an overwhelming sense of occasion. The signature Land Rover focus for leading technology and attention to detail are evident instantly. From the panoramic sunroof that makes you feel immersed in the great outdoors to automatic lights and wipers that take practicalities out of your hands, it’s no wonder this luxury car for hire became so highly praised during these 12 months. 


Our two models of Range Rover Vogue for hire – the 3.0L petrol supercharged engine and the 3.0L SDV6 diesel engine travelled many miles across the countryside. With a potential 130 mph and 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds behind the wheel, drivers embraced the opportunity to melt into luxury on any road type. The signature Land Rover Terrain Response system paired with 21” wheels gave all-around driving ability and a 360-degree parking camera heightened safety in every environment. Our customers took it throughout the Scottish Pennines, to discover the edges of the Lake District and even around the winding streets of central London. An example of this marque’s solid establishment within the world of luxury cars for hire. 

Mercedes G63

Size and presence continued throughout the year with the Mercedes-AMG G63. Notably one of the most iconic and highly recognisable vehicles on the market, people fell for its extreme retro look and highly tailored interior. After months of working, schooling and entertaining within four walls, we sought space in 2021. The recognisable presence of the G63 made it a leading option to consider with the iconic military feel that ensured many a head would turn. As we began to reconnect with loved ones and delve back into our careers, having space to transport multiple passengers became a necessity. With luxury suv hire, this afforded drivers the opportunity to delve into opulence while ensuring every trip attendant could spread out their legs and relax. 


When cross-town travel became open once more, the exceptional power behind the Mercedes AMG-G63 stepped in to fill the requirement. With a top speed of 137 and 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, this vehicle has been in production for over 40 years and continues to improve. Carbon fibre elements throughout the bodywork to reduce overall weight while the signature flat-bottomed AMG performance steering wheel provides a tactile experience as you soar along the road. Trips to your second office, romantic excursions with your special one or weekends away with friends – it didn’t come as a surprise that this vehicle made our top 5.

McLaren 720S

Following months of scarcity and paring back, 2021 became the year for unparalleled opulence. The McLaren 720S embraces this entirely, taking its place within the marque’s Super Service. It takes all that was embraced from the 650S and improved on weight, strength and speed. While the body itself is distinctly McLaren, its eccentric silhouette takes inspiration from the Great White Shark. Soaring through the roads with a presence, it feels as if it’s gaining on prey while using sleek curves to ensure every head will turn. A focus on aerodynamics and functionality create a supercar for hire that exceeds expectations on every trip. 


The glass canopy roof affords views previously unimagined when moving through luscious countryside. Dihedral doors afford you and your passengers a unique entry point into the vehicle, with a sweeping move that forces your eye to appreciate the entire chassis in one glance. Inside, a technologically-advanced infotainment system hosts a wealth of information to improve your drive, from statistics on-road performance to parking sensors for safety. The McLaren 720S is a vehicle of true beauty – one that has transformed corporate trips and extended drives into snippets of memorable artistry. Drivers in 2021 embraced the opportunity to sink into each supple chair, grip the wheel and feel removed from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Mercedes S Class

Yet another Mercedes peaked our list of most hired luxury cars in 2021 and, this time, it was the Mercedes S Class. A vehicle that has long presented an air of elegance as it glides throughout the roads, many chose it to blend together business and pleasure. Slipped in behind the wheel and with the power of this iconic marque beneath your feet, arriving at important meetings became a show of style. Equally, treating your loved one to an escape from normality, a moment away from everyday stresses, transformed from a nice gesture into something they couldn’t possibly forget. The masculine silhouette means that the attention falls on you from the moment you pull in. Whether it’s the growl of the V8 engine affording you 155 mph and 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds or the space accommodating taller individuals with ease, the S Class rose to high popularity over the past 12 months. 


Inside, a focus on driver comfort and advanced technology ensured the enjoyability of every journey. Intuitive driver assistance systems tailors the suspension for every terrain and to absorb impact with impeccable ease. Being able to wirelessly connect phones and keep charge at all times meant that staying in constant contact with business partners and loved ones became even easier. And, the ambient lighting found within the lining of the leather and wooden panelling personalized the space around you. An experience that steps ahead of any undertaken in 2020!

Lamborghini Urus

The name Lamborghini was always going to find its way into our list somewhere and in no better way could that have happened than with the Lamborghini Urus. The marque’s first statement merge of a super sports car with an SUV, it peaked the running for fastest entry within this category. Since then, it has continued to capture the eye and hearts of luxury car enthusiasts in the world, combining power and beauty to present a distinctive silhouette. And in 2021 where luxury had long felt out of reach, it was always going to be a popular option for prestigious car hire. 


A declaration of freedom, it expands the possibilities for off-road travel. Carbon fibre elements lighten the entire chassis while the custom-built cockpit has been designed for exceptional comfort. The finest quality leather upholstery hugs your body, allowing you to feel like the pilot of your own adventure. While space was kept as a priority, so was storage with this model affording you space to keep suitcases and overnight bags close to hand. The V8 bi-turbo engine allows the driver to reach a top speed of 190mph with an acceleration speed of 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds. As the world felt increasingly more acceptable, the Lamborghini Urus showed us everything we had been missing. It paved a pathway where businesses could engage in hospitality events once more and road trips could take their place back within many of our lives. 

Going Into 2022 With Luxury Car Hire From Starr

Starr Luxury Cars stepped into 2021 with the goal of providing luxury car hire to our customers, paired with a continued and exceptionally dedicated focus on customer service. Our fleet continued to grow, with models from the industry’s leading marques and a new focus on electric-powered prestige cars too. With short-term hire for single events through to long-term hire designed to transform staycations this year, our prestige SUV cars for hire and luxury sports cars for hire brought a new world to the pedal for so many drivers. We proudly stood alongside our customers, allowing them to feel exceptional quality beneath their fingertips and drink in the rumble from the industry’s most honed engines. From corporate hire to help grow partnerships to romantic proposals that had previously been on hold and weddings where the ‘I Do’ felt so much more poignant, we were there. 


To discover any one of the most hired luxury cars of 2021, visit our website. If you are looking to hire the Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes AMG-G63, McLaren 720S, Mercedes S Class or Lamborghini Urus, our expert team is on hand to tailor your chosen package exactly.