Toyota Corolla Altis 2016 Review

The Corolla is the best selling car in the World and that’s because it is also available around the World, perfectly suited for the market its being sold in. The Indian version of the car has been around for nearly three years now so it is expected to receive an update quite soon with the Toyota Corolla Altis 2016, a car which will receive a rather large visual update that will allow it to better compete with cars such as the VW Jetta which quickly becomes a favourite in its class. The chassis as well as the engines are expected to remain similar to the ongoing model but the interior should also receive an update in order to make it a bit more comfortable than before.


2016 TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS DESIGNThe car will most likely be released later this year and go on the market shortly after that. The price will definitely stay in the same levels as before, so it will start at roughly $19,000 and it will go up to more than $30,000 for a fully equipped version which is already in the upper range of its class.
Corolla Altis Interior
This should not be a problem though because the Corolla always offered outstanding build and ride quality and the new model should make no difference. The interior will likely get even better materials than before such as a new type of plastic for the center stack that will not be a fingerprint magnet as well as a softer and more durable material for the dashboard. Also, the cars 7 inch infotainment system is expected to be updated to Toyotas latest unit while the seats will keep their individual reclining system even for the back passengers which is a unique feature in its class. In terms of design, the car will keep its current proportions and lines unchanged but the front and rear are going to be updated with a design that will most likely be influenced by what is found on the US version of the car with Toyotas new “X-style” design of the grille and headlights.


Under the hood, the new Toyota Corolla Altis 2016 will definitely retain its current engines which may not be the most refined or the most powerful out there but both of them are some of the most reliable engines in the World. The base model of the car will keep using the 1.8 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 petrol engine with its 140 horsepower and little over 170 N*m of torque while the top of the range model will remain with the less powerful 1.4 liter turbocharged diesel which will get 90 horsepower and over 210 N*m of torque. The latter will be able to offer as much as 20km/l which is better than pretty much any other car in its class.