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2021 Bentley Continental gt

For over two years, lockdowns, restrictions and ever-changing regulations have put a halt to international travel. The much-anticipated return to weekends abroad and extended family holidays has arrived in 2022. More of us than ever are investing our savings in holiday experiences that we’ll remember for a lifetime. For those travelling to the United Kingdom, in search of rolling countryside, black bearskin hats and enviable shopping locations, holiday car hire and business car hire offer a heightened luxury experience. Now is the time to plan holidays and corporate trips to remember. A time to put aside the turbulence of past years and focus on finding the sheer joy in the simple things.


With the largest fleet of luxury hire cars in the UK, Starr Luxury Cars help to craft UK business and leisure trips that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re exploring the Scottish Pennines with family or need that rush of speed that can only be found with a sports car rental, our professional team is here to assist. All you have to do is settle in behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle, press the accelerator and experience those finely honed details that make this a driving experience to remember.

Take to the roads with self-drive car hire

The rumble of a finely tuned engine beneath your feet. The shiver of adrenaline that passes through the steering wheel and into your fingers. The wealth of technology nestled beneath the dashboard. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the driver’s seat of that luxurious car you’ve always dreamt of owning. With self-drive car hire, you can set aside the family car for a weekend, week or longer. Instead of overloading cramped boots, step into a vehicle that has been designed to take on long journeys, off-road driving and more with ease.

Starr Luxury Cars UK Car Hire Cayenne 2022

The Porsche Cayenne

For example, the Porsche Cayenne blurs the lines between comfort and opulence. The marque has long been synonymous with expert engineering and optimised performance. This large and luxurious SUV has its history firmly rooted in motorsports and it shows. A powerful engine takes you to 60mph in just 4.2 seconds with the ability to reach top speeds of 177mph. The sloping bonnet and accentuated side wings not only announce its arrival on any street but also heightens the aerodynamics, allowing you to feel the rush of wind as you glide to your next location.


While undeniably sporty in its nature, the Cayenne lends itself perfectly to family excursions. Inside, the driver and passenger’s comfort takes precedence. Spacious seating with the finest quality upholstery and ambient lighting allows adults and children alike to stretch back and relax. Enhanced safety features, including a Euro NCAP five-star and 95% rating, provide the peace of mind needed when travelling with those you love the most. And, with both a large boot and the ability to partially fold away the rear seats, storage will present little issue either.

The Bentley Bentayga

Business car hire offers an elevated experience for both you and the clients accompanying you on the next trip. Crafting an adventure that won’t be quickly forgotten demands the finest in automobile design and the Bentley Bentayga ticks every box. Entering pole position as the world’s fastest SUV ever built, this iconic luxury hire car embodies the minute attention to detail that has elevated the marque to their prestige status. From hospitality events that start behind the wheel through to longer journeys where business decisions need to be formed, this vehicle hosts everything you need to rediscover the true job of UK car hire.


Everything, from the redefined sporty shape through to the supple leather upholstery has been precision hand-finished in England – a signature mark of the Bentley name. The powerful W12 engine soars you up to 187mph, with 0-60mph capable in 4 seconds flat. This focus on power hasn’t hindered comfort, with a newly hones suspension that easily withstands the toughest of terrains. Extensive testing has allowed this prestige car hire to shine, performing perfectly on gravel, stone and other grounds. It also merges together cutting edge technology with historic prestige to create a fully immersive experience inside the cabin. Driver-assisted technology, infotainment options and plush seating allow business partners and families alike to nestle into exceptional comfort. And, if these features don’t meet your exceeding requirements, consider the model fitted with a diamond-set Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon to truly impress.

The Lamborghini Aventador

Luxury car hire affords you driving experiences that may once have felt like a distant dream. On your first UK international trip, create a moment that throws all of the past two years’ worries into the abyss. Rent a prestige car like the Lamborghini Aventador and drink in automobile craftsmanship of the finest kind. Designed to purposefully not blend in but, rather, to be noticed and appreciated by everyone you pass, this powerful supercar hire will take your breath away from the first glance. The flawless curves, sharp lines and scissor doors turn any trip into one that far exceeds your wildest imaginations.

Slipping inside the cockpit, you’ll think yourself in a pilots control centre with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. For a vehicle so honed on technology and innovation, it is impressively easy to drive with speed capabilities that will draw the air from your lungs. Carbon fibre details throughout create a lightweight chassis while luxurious leather seats ensure you stay nestled in a haven of comfort. At your fingertips, you’ll instantly feel the power of the V12 engine. With this, reaching speeds of 217mph, and backed by a roar so deep it shivers through the body, it lends itself perfectly to corporate track days or gliding through the British countryside

Discover the sheer delight of our luxury chauffeur service

Taking to the wheel of some of the world’s most iconic cars evokes an exhilarating buzz. But, for many of us, it is the experience of comfort and luxury that we want – without the need for focus and attention. Enter the luxury chauffeur experience. Those vehicles that have long topped your wish list can now become the mode of transport to your next trip, with the assistance of a highly professional, courteous and well-presented chauffeur. You and your entourage, whether this is family or work companions, need only to slip into the comfort of sumptuously crafted seats and breath in the feeling of opulence around you. Our drives will deliver you from pick-up point to end destination in exceptional comfort while helping to craft an experience to remember.

Starr Luxury Cars - Mercedes Benz S-Class Hire in London, Mayfair, UK, Best coveted cars

The Mercedes S-Class Chauffeur

From London transport to excursions that mark a special occasion, the Mercedes S-Class is one of the finest chauffeured luxury car hires on the market. It brings together the impressive features expected from the iconic mark with a first-class service that elevates business trips and family holidays alike. The exterior encapsulates class instantly – a vehicle that turns heads as passers-by attempt to unravel who sits within. Slip inside and you’ll find leather upholstered with carefully carved wooden trims and strip lighting. Each seat is there to support your body with wireless phone charging that ensures corporate calls run without a hitch. Advanced engineering within the passenger seating as well as carefully honed suspension allows this executive hire car to glide across various terrains and through weather conditions with impeccable ease.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan Chauffeur

Embrace those signatures of British luxury and nestle into a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Cullinan. As the marque first luxury SUV to enter the market, it lends itself perfectly to drives where comfort, accessibility and relaxation are the key priority. Every detail on this prestige hire car has been designed with opulence in mind. The decadent interior offers premium leg and head space with exceptional views of your surroundings as it glides down the road. Quality materials, including lambswool and leathers, surround your body, giving an air of splendour from the very first glance. If travelling as a couple, take advantage of the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce immersive seating experience. A cooled bottle of champagne in the inbuilt cooler alongside massage chairs creates a moment of heaven that won’t interfere with your itinerary.

Your chauffeur will take advantage of the silken smooth drive that Rolls Royce has become synonymous with. Connect to the onboard Wi-Fi to keep on top of emails, store suitcases and carry-ons with ease and relax in a fully air-conditioned space. The adjustable panoramic sunroof provides exquisite views while HD infotainment screens make it easy to switch off with your favourite film. And, once you reach your destination, fold down the rear leather seats and partition glass within a custom viewing suite and drink in the wonder of British wildlife in comfort.

The Range Rover Chauffeur

Delivering five-star luxury car hire to your destination, there’s nothing quite like hiring a chauffeur-driven Range Rover. This quintessentially British brand has long been a name intrinsically linked with space, comfort and power. From luxury London transport through to excursions further afield, pairing these vehicles with our prestige chauffeur service creates a journey that far excels any expectation. Our professional drivers take care of the roads while you sink into luxury in the back. Sumptuous leather crafted and extra-wide seats hug and support the body. If needed, the front passenger seat can be moved forward to allow the rear-seated passenger to fully recline.

From your raised seating position, experiencing the beauty of the country as you glide through the roads is impressively easy. Equally, set the massage settings and heated armrests found within your seats to sink into a moment of mental quiet and calm. Whether this trip is your chance to delight potential clients or an escape from the hustle of family life, a Range Rover hire offers a drive like no other.

Our tailor-made luxury chauffeur service doesn’t just rely on the exquisite craftsmanship of our vehicles. We are also dedicated to providing a premium experience that won’t be quickly forgotten. From luxury alcohol packages that bring champagne or spirits along for the ride to hostess services and full bodyguard services for your safety, our professional team will make it happen. Our chauffeurs pick up and drop off to any UK address at any time specified and also offer several day tours around major cities to drink in the history and beauty.

Discover self-drive car hire and luxury chauffeur services in London and the UK with Starr Luxury Cars

With restrictions lifted and many of us reaching for our passports once again, holiday car hire and business car hire step in to elevate every trip. Giving you exceptional power beneath your feet, steering agility that has been developed by the finest minds in automobile craftsmanship or relaxing surroundings that you can sink into, these bespoke driving experiences are there to delight.

Starr Luxury Cars have the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK. We craft tailored packages that suit the needs of all of our customers, focusing on optimum comfort, safety and exclusive experiences to remember. No matter the purpose of your trip. Whether you’re upping the ante for a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity that could revolutionise the way you do business. Whether you’re planning a proposal to top all others and need details to take their breath away. Whether it’s high time the family stepped away from the bustle of everyday life and enjoyed the fruits of their labour. No matter the experience you’re seeking to create, our professional and dedicated team can assist.

For more information about our prestige car hire or luxury chauffeur service in London and the UK, please speak to a member of our professional Sales Team on 02036001631 (24 Hours) or email