2015 Aston Martin Vulcan Specifications

With its 800 hp engine over-developed with Aston Martin Racing, the centre front engine, rear-wheel drive sports car is largely based on a wealth of experience of the brand GT motorsport. Using the techniques of engineering motorsport world-class supercar sees its highest power to weight ratio than those of GTE cars that compete in the World Endurance Championship annual FIA. Composed of advanced engineering, including what comes from the successful campaign of the brand GT racing. The car has a carbon fibre monocoque body built by Aston Martin in the long term engineering and body specialised manufacturing partners Multimatic. This integrated self-locking differential alongside a highly engineered magnesium torque tube with a carbon fibre propeller shaft and Brembo callipers are acting on the carbon ceramic disc brakes that measure 380 mm in diameter. The reader is channeled to the rear wheels and Michelin tires 345/30 x19 specific race through a sequential gearbox Xtrac six reverse gears mid-mounted with high stroke. Track push-derived “anti-dive” geometry suspension is complemented by the Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve which has adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars front and rear. We have the largest fleet of Aston Martin hire cars in the UK.