2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review, Price, Specs

The FJ Cruiser has been missing from the market for more than a year now but the SUV is still being sold in some countries in Asia. While some people already lost about for a new model, it seems that there are plans for a 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser that will become the third body-on-frame SUV sold in the US and some of the very few sold in Europe. Unlike the previous model which shared its chassis with some models of the Land Cruiser, the new FJ is actually expected to share its platform with the new Tacoma. This would mean that it will be lighter, more efficient and possibly more powerful than the previous generation.


Its competitors will include the Wrangler and the upcoming 4Runner which is also a Toyota product, meaning that they should get the market for themselves quite easy. It is still unknown when the car will be officially unveiled but from the looks of it, the new FJ might be shown at the end of the year and it could hit the market as early as 2018. It is safe to assume that it will be priced low enough to pose a problem for the Wrangler meaning that it should not cost much more than $25,000.


The design of the 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser is very likely going to be quite similar to that of the discontinued model as well as it should borrow quite a bit of design cues from the older 1970s and 1980s models. The round headlights are likely going to be carried over to the new model as well but the narrow grille and large turn signals will likely not be used on the new model. Also, the new car is expected to feature four fully fledged doors and not just two and it should also be slightly smaller as well. The spare tire will likely be moved inside the cabin or under the chassis in order to make it more aerodynamic while the front and rear bumpers will offer great approach and departure angles than before.


Interior Inside the cabin, the new FJ should offer just enough space for up to five people and their luggage. However, unlike the previous model which offered a rather small amount of space for its size, the new car should offer more leg and headroom without having to be bigger. Also, the materials throughout the cabin are going to be better and just like before, everything will be waterproof in order to allow the owner to wash the car without any worries after an off-road session.


Engine In terms of engines, it is highly unlikely that the old 4 liter V6 will return. In its place, we expect to find a slightly updated version of the engine found in the current Tacoma, a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 which will run in a modified Atkinson cycle. This engine should make around 290 to 300 horsepower and up the 270 lb-ft of torque in the 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser, enough to allow the smaller and lighter SUV to be faster and also more efficient than the previous version. The transmission of choice will likely be a 6 speed automatic which will drive either the rear or all wheels via automatic lockable differentials. A manual could also be a possibility but just like before, it will likely be offered only on the four wheel drive versions of the car. Some people also suggested that with Toyotas new engines being rolled out in the US, a hybrid using a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 coupled with a pair of electric motors could also be offered. This would be capable of delivering more than 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque while being at least 15 to 20% more efficient than the V6.