2017 Toyota Etios Cross Review

The current Etios Cross was released back in 2014 and since then it became a favourite in India thanks to its sublime ride quality, very fuel efficient engines and rather interesting styling on the outside. Despite that though, the car is expected to receive an update with the 2017 Toyota Etios Cross and that’s because a new version of the Etios is going to be released on the market. Just like with the sedan or the hatchback, the Cross will feature the same new platform and lighter and more durable materials as well as roughly the same type of styling. PRICE AND RELEASE DATE Unlike the other two though, this time around the Cross has been rumoured to receive a slightly different suspensions system which will allow it to travel over more rugged terrain without having to worry about scraping the underside of the car. The release date will most likely happen in the mid of 2017 and the car should be ready for the market shortly after that. Just like before, the price will be similar to that of the sedan and slightly higher than the hatchback, meaning that the base model will start at $10,000 and it will go up from there. 2017 TOYOTA ETIOS CROSS SPECIFICATIONS In terms of engines, the same three units are expected to be found in this new generation as well. The base two petrol engines will be identical to those before it, so a 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine as well as a 1.5 liter inline 4 with outputs of 80 and 90 horsepower respectively. These two will offer up to 130 N*m of torque which is barely average but it should be more than enough for city and highway usage. The 1.4 liter diesel on the other hand is expected to receive a new type of head as well as an intercooler which will allow Toyota to boost the output to 75 horsepower and around 180 N*m of torque while keeping a fuel consumption better than 4 liters/100km. 2017 TOYOTA ETIOS CROSS DESIGN Just as we mentioned, the design of the 2017 Toyota Etios Cross is going to be heavily based on the sedan and hatchback versions, meaning it will get the same European and US-influenced design with the slimmer headlights and the more aggressive look. Unlike the other two though, the car will also feature heavy-duty matte plastic inserts on the bumpers, doors and side-skirts in order to protect it from rocks and debris. Etios Cross Interior Inside the cabin, the new model is expected to feature a cleaner-looking dashboard with slightly more modern instruments as well as better seats than before which will offer a more supportive ride.