Washington DC - A Salute To The Veterans Enhancing Your National Veterans Day Ceremony Experience with Luxury Car Hire

The Washington DC National Veterans Day Ceremony is an opportunity to salute the many veterans that have served America over the past century. It allows everyone to remember the vast contributions made – both by the soldiers on the front line and those who supported war efforts from home. The US capital is expected to be awash with visitors during the Veterans Weekend and this procession promises to garner many watchers. If you’re planning on saluting the Marching Bands, JROTC Cadets and veterans themselves, or have plans to explore the many war-related monuments throughout the city, consider hiring a luxury car for convenience. Not only does it allow you to travel in comfort. The right prestige car hire will eliminate travel complications for the veterans in your own family and allow you to take time to reflect on the dedication of these incredible individuals too.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Discover the National Veterans Day Ceremony in Washington DC

Washington isn’t just celebrated for being the heart of the US. It is also a key focal point of remembrance for America’s veterans. Back in 1921, an unknown WWI American soldier was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery – the nation’s highest place of honor. Since then, thousands have visited DC, both on Veterans Day and throughout the year, to learn more about the sacrifices made for our freedom. November 12th is a key event for many and plays host to the National Veterans Day Ceremony. With featured speakers, choirs and bands from across the country, it is a marking of all war veterans, including those that fought in WWII, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War and The War on Terror.

The procession begins at the Lincoln Memorial. A musical tribute with marching bands and choirs takes place before the parade makes its way towards the DC War Memorial. Another stop here allows for a second performance to pay respect before moving on to the World War II Memorial. During each stop, an official wreath-laying ceremony takes place as a way of distributing respect evenly between all. An event such as this is attended by many. From veterans themselves to their families and school groups, it is an opportunity to appreciate the rich US history and become part of it yourself. With the streets expected to be packed and thousands due to descend on the capital, luxury car hire allows you to explore at your own pace. 

Hire a BMW X7 for family history trips while paying your respects

The National Veterans Day Ceremony is an educational and historic opportunity to expand the minds of your entire family. Follow along and you’ll walk past many of the most iconic memorials in the city. Or, wait one more day and take a driving cruise past each one, exploring the history behind such sights as the Korean War Memorial or the Vietnam War Memorial. While this opportunity is not one to be missed, any parent knows the challenges of traveling with small children throughout the day. Luxury car hire allows you to tick every sight off your itinerary, without compromising on comfort or wearing down little legs.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Hire a BMW X7 and discover a luxurious SUV crafted for the entire family. You’ll find seating for up to seven inside the spacious and well-finished interior. Each multi-adjustable seat hones to suit your exact need while the smooth-shift gear box glides effortlessly while you cruise along. A range of engine options help to personalize your drive further. Those seeking the ultimate power should opt for the 4.4-litre V8 engine with 523bhp and 553 lb-ft of torque. Or, choose a more efficient model in the xDrive40d six-cylinder diesel which still allows you to explore the city with ease. With a standard 212-litres of cargo space in the rear and the option to increase this to 750-litres, if needed, this is the perfect luxury SUV hire car for exploring a city as vast as DC.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Treat them to opulence personified this Veterans Day and hire a Lincoln Navigator

The entire premise of National Veterans Day is to celebrate those who gave their lives and their dedication to war efforts. The parade is expected to draw in many veterans themselves, here to pay respect to fallen comrades and to mark a significant moment in their lives. Respect for these individuals shouldn’t be reserved for processionals – it should form part of our everyday plans. This is where prestige car hire fits seamlessly. With the right vehicle – one designed around comfort and practicality – we can show our respects by ensuring our veterans live their future years in peace.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Hire a Lincoln Continental and bring your family’s own veterans to the parade in unrivaled comfort. This colossal vehicle demands attention on the road while embracing American design aesthetics entirely. It weighs in at 5926 lbs with a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that pushes out 450bhp of power. With four-wheel independent suspension, this beast is surprisingly nimble while also having the agility to effortlessly manouver through the busy streets. The honed air suspension system eliminates uncomfortable bumps in the road. Multi-adjustable seats can be honed to suit your veteran’s every need with heating, cooling and massage functions too. Plus, an expansive dashboard brings access to a wide suite of technology, ensuring everyone sinks into a haven of luxury too. Provide your family veteran with the space to keep their formal outfit crisp and a quiet space to retreat into once the parade comes to an end.

Embrace your own role in the National Veterans Day Ceremony and hire the Cadillac Suburban

The 2023 parade promises to be an incredibly monumental moment – both for those watching on and those involved. Anyone walking in the parade themselves will have a tight schedule of activities to uphold. One that includes everything from preparations to practice and stepping into their formal positions too. Whether you’re leading the JROTC cadets, playing a part in the marching bands or simply have a role in the parade, luxury car hire takes away one stress from your day entirely.

Hire a Cadillac Suburban and discover a prestige car hire that can effortlessly transport the entire group. Currently in its 12th generation, this full-sized SUV has the space for up to eight passengers. Each well-padded and contoured seat is carved to perfection, hugging your body without creating creases in your processional attire. You’ll find large cup holders for your morning coffee, a large heads-up display for easy maneuvering and adjustable air suspension too. The trunk itself is enormous, with 1175 liters of space available with all the seats up. So, no matter if you’re playing the trumpet or have outfits to deliver to the rest of your team, there’s the space to do it all from this expansive vehicle.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Explore Washington DC’s rich history and hire a Land Rover Defender 110

For those planning to be in DC after the parade, spend time exploring each of the iconic memorials in more detail. The WWII memorial honors over 16 million people who served during the six years, including over 400,000 people who died and those who supported the efforts back here. The Korean Memorial stands as a marker of the sacrifices made by over 5.8 million individuals while the Vietnam War Memorial features inscriptions of over 58,000 men and women who gave their lives or remain missing. A visit to any of these memorials is a poignant event – one that draws up many questions and moments of reflection. Choose to visit during the Veterans Day celebrations and this becomes even more significant.

Hire a Land Rover Defender 110 for your explorations of DC and discover convenience like no other. This iconic 4×4 is an off-roading marvel. It was designed by the world-famous British marque and continues to be a firm favorite the world over. With adaptive suspension, it offers one of the most comfortable drives – even on those busy city streets. Carved seats wrapped in premium leather bring both heating and ventilation options while the JLR Pivi Pro infotainment system means you can enjoy music or podcasts about each memorial as you drive up. Opt for the 5.0-litre V8 model and you’ll get a sprint time of just 5.2 seconds – enough power to make sure you make it to every sight before your dinner reservations too.

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023

Luxury car hire designed to help you pay tribute during this year’s National Veterans Day Ceremony

At Starr Luxury Cars, we are proud to have one of the largest fleets of prestige cars for hire in Washington DC. Our hand-selected collection features iconic SUVs, hand-crafted cruisers and exceptionally fast supercars. Whether you’re in the city to drink in its history or need to transport a loved one to the parade, our tailored driving experiences are tailored to suit your exact needs. We can accommodate both short and long-term hire while also providing additional extras to elevate special occasions. 


Discover our full range of prestige cars for hire in Washington DC on our website here. Alternatively, get in contact with our professional team to discuss your booking in more detail. 

Star Luxury Cars A Salute To The Veterans Washington DC 2023