How To Avoid Falling Victim To Car Thieves

Having your vehicle stolen can be a traumatic and stressful experience. In addition to the cost factor, having your property snatched away can make some people feel very vulnerable and violated. Here are a few useful guidelines to lessen your chances of being a victim. It’s not just the actual vehicle that you should be worried about; some thieves are keen on stealing the belongings you have inside. The easiest way to prevent theft is to keep all of your belongings out of sight. Valuable items may include designer sunglasses, expensive hand bags, phones and wallets. When you’re just making a quick dash inside the convenience store or grocery market, it’s very tempting to leave your sunglasses or phone behind. It doesn’t matter if you rush in for just a few minutes; that’s sufficient time for a criminal to break in. One way to deter theft is to park in a public spot with plenty of lighting. Criminals usually are less likely to steal when there are lots of people around. Keep the doors locked even when you are driving because there is the possibility of someone jumping in at a red light and carjacking you. It may sound a bit unrealistic but these type of incidents do occur and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do not keep a set of extra a set of keys in or in a box under your car. Professional thieves will be able to find these rather quickly. If possible, park in a garage instead of along the street. Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others. Range Rovers tops the list of vehicles that are most likely to be stolen. This is in part due to its popularity, the Escalade can also be frequently seen in popular music videos and mentioned in popular top 40 songs. Most thieves aren’t going to be too thrilled to steal a minivan or a Camry. However, it’s not just luxury cars that are targeted.  Quite a bit of older model Accord’s and Civics are also targeted because it’s easier to break into them versus new cars. Their parts can also be stripped and sold on the black market. One popular method that thieves utilize to steal an automobile is by simply towing it. You can avoid the chances of this happening by using the emergency brake when you park and turning your wheels to the side. Try not to store registration and insurance cars in your car if it’s possible. If you make use of a navigation system, it is suggested that you don’t enter in your actual hone location as a starting point but instead use that of a nearby grocery store perhaps or a restaurant. Having your car and belongings stolen can be a harrowing and traumatising experience. Follow these tips and keep your car safe from the criminals