Bite the Bullet and Hire a Luxury Range Rover for Shooting Season

As the colder months draw in and many of us start thinking about Christmas presents and New Year’s parties, for some people the start of winter marks another special occasion: shooting season. With strictly controlled dates to help maintain a healthy and ethical population size, the later months of the year and beginning of the following year sees avid shooters take to the open land, hunting game and deer in a sport which some deem a British tradition. Whether you welcome the shooting season as an opportunity to provide your family with a self-caught and rewarding meal or prefer to stick to clay pigeon shooting whilst building your skills, Starr Luxury Cars have an unbeatable selection of prestige Range Rovers for hire to make the most of this year’s shooting season.

Range Rover hire cars have become the vehicle of choice for many hunters, favoured for their optimum levels of space, luxurious interiors and off-road capabilities. The Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations team themselves have worked with infamous gun manufacturer Holland and Holland to create a bespoke Range Rover heavily customised to suit the most fanatical hunters in an extremely rare collaboration which saw the creation of just 40 units. But you don’t need to shell out for one of the rarest Range Rovers in the world to get yourself something suitable for shooting season.

Whether you’re looking for luxury self-drive hire or a formidable chauffeur service to make the most of your free time, we deliver our luxury rental Range Rovers up and down the UK, to your home, hotel or airport, ensuring you can arrive at your shooting spot promptly and in the utmost comfort and style. With the largest fleet of luxury hire cars in the UK, we can also provide top of the range hire cars suitable for larger shooting parties or a solo shoot. Our collection of Range Rovers for hire includes the newest and most powerful models, perfect for both long-haul and short journeys, on and off UK roads. Each has an impressive list of standard features, guaranteed to make your shooting experience more enjoyable.

For a top-quality driving experience which is comfortable, dynamic and high performing no matter the environment, we recommend the Range Rover Sport hire car. The inbuilt terrain response system detects what lies beneath the car, making subtle adjustments to the settings and height to enable a smooth ride, doing the same on steep ascents or descents to ensure passengers remain stable and safe. Whether you plan to stay on the roads or head across fields, woodland or gravel, the Range Rover Sport hire car is an excellent choice for shooting season. Starr Luxury Cars offer packages to cater for one-off hire or for you to ensure you have the perfect vehicle all season long so that you can always be prepared for what the weather throws at you.

Alternatively, you may like to consider hiring the Range Rover Velar for shooting season in the UK. Featuring the same off-road capabilities as the Range Rover Sport, the Velar is an all-wheel drive midsize SUV with one of the most luxurious interiors on the market. Driver and passengers can expect to experience the ultimate sense of calm, surrounded by the finest leathers and interior design, modern conveniences and ample space for guns and equipment. It provides excellent traction in almost every circumstance and will take on water, thick forest and sand with ease, also providing a stylish and impressive mode of transport for any occasion.

Whether you favour luxurious levels of comfort or are searching for a practical, off-road car for shooting season, Starr Luxury Cars’ fleet of Range Rover hire cars offer both. Each is kept in immaculate condition and regularly serviced so you can rest assured the model of your choice will provide the all-weather and all-surface abilities that you need to reach even the most difficult destinations to get to. So no matter how you perform on the day, your prestige hire Range Rover will provide a relaxing space for you to reflect on the shoot, whilst ensuring you get home quickly, remaining warm and dry.