Travelling in larger groups needn’t mean forgoing luxuries when you hire a Mercedes Benz Sprinter in Athens with Starr Luxury Cars. Developed by this industry-leading marque, this MPV evolution takes the classic van and reimagines it for those seeking the finest in design. In a city with so much to offer everyone from business associates […]

Discover an on-road space honed for exceptional comfort when you hire a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Jet Class in Athens with Starr Luxury Cars. This sensational vehicle is a celebration of sheer luxury on a colossal scale. It manages to embody everything you’ve come to expect from the German marque but elevated, with more space, cutting-edge technology […]

Hire a chauffeur-driven Mercedes V Class with Starr Luxury Cars and explore this historic city with ease. An evolution of the classic MPV, this incredibly large people carrier is the perfect solution for larger-party travel. It maintains the German marque’s focus on quality, prioritising comfort at all times and utilising cutting-edge technology too. With an […]

Opulence personified, discover the most luxurious on-road travel when you hire a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Ghost in Athens with Starr Luxury Cars. There are few vehicles on the roads today that have the same allure as this one. Large and imposing, it dominates the streets while carrying along its passengers in the ultimate comfort. From […]

Hire a Range Rover Vogue with a professional chauffeur in Athens and discover 4×4 luxury on a whole new scale. This British-crafted vehicle has garnered a strong following over the years, with both adventurous travellers and prestigious business owners hailing its comfort and style. And now, with the support of our professional drivers and access […]

As elegant as it is iconic, hire a Rolls Royce Cullinan with a professional chauffeur in Athens with Starr Luxury Cars today. Crafted in the UK and designed for the ultimate luxury, this impressive cruiser cannot fail to turn heads. It is the type of prestige car hire that exudes grace. It slots in easily […]

Hire a chauffeur-driven Mercedes S Class in Athens with Starr Luxury Cars and delve into unparalleled luxury. This powerful saloon sits at the forefront of the German marque’s range, bringing comfort and prestige to every single trip. It boasts enough space for the entire family along with cutting-edge technology to keep even the youngest members […]

Delve into the luxury of Athens in style when you hire a chauffeur-driven Bentley Mulsanne from Starr Luxury Cars. This large and imposing vehicle is something to admire, whether you’re cruising between business meetings or have reservations at Hytra. With the support of our highly-experienced chauffeur and a vehicle honed for your comfort, you’ll explore […]

From the exquisite shopping locations to the iconic landmarks throughout, there’s no finer way to explore Athens than renting a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Maybach from Starr Luxury Cars. With large, limousine-esque dimensions, this sumptuous saloon glides through the bustling streets while cocooning you in a haven of tranquillity. It has the grace to suit both busy […]