Christmas Gifts for Him: The Most Expensive Gifts for Car Fanatics in the World

It’s coming… there’s officially nine weeks left until Christmas Day! So now is the best time to start planning the perfect gift for the special man in your life, be it your husband, father or son. But no matter how difficult this choice may seem, just remember there are people out there who will find it harder.

What do you buy for the man who has it all?

When money is no object there may not be a company in the world who make gift vouchers redeemable for the sort of cash we’re talking.

With this in mind, we take a look at five of the most expensive Christmas presents for men when socks just won’t cut it.

Firstly, the obvious choice and ultimate in luxury; a supercar. The McLaren 650S has been voted one of the top ten supercars of 2017 and at just short of £200k it’s not hard to see why.

It has a top speed of 207mph, doing 0-100mph in a mind-blowing 5.7 seconds. The power and design both inside and out has been made to replicate the thrill of Formula 1 from the racing-style steering wheel to the amazingly fast gearshifts. And, hand-made here in the UK, nearly every element can be personalised or customised to meet your requirements.

This car offers one of the closest road-worthy Formula 1 experiences you can buy, making it the ultimate choice in luxury Christmas presents for him.

And where would you be driving a car like this? On the way to see a client to secure another contract worth millions, obviously. So you’ll probably be interested in the Tumi Carbon Fibre Shawnee briefcase. At £1,295, this luxurious briefcase provides all the safety and style you’ll need when carrying laptops, iPads and confidential documents.

Made from a material that is often used in supercars, the briefcase ties in nicely. The carbon fibre which appears heavily in marques such as Koenigsegg is highly durable and when teamed with beautiful soft leathers and personalisation, this is another Christmas present which is sure to impress.

Maybe you’re looking for a sports car that’s a little more classically styled to suit the man in your life. The Bentley GT V8 S Convertible has been expertly built so that you have the same levels of luxurious comfort regardless of whether the roof is open or shut.

With four seats this is perhaps a perfect choice for an older recipient with family to consider. Just because this makes it more practical don’t be fooled, the interior has been designed to accommodate all of Bentley’s British heritage whilst allowing for some much-needed modern touches.

It does 0-100mph in 10.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 205mph. Also available with a whole range of personalisation and customisation, this Christmas gift will set you back at least £149k but what better way to show him how much he means to you.

Everybody knows owners of luxury cars also own other fancy items, clothes, gadgets and of course, watches. A lot of watchmakers team up with car marques to create exclusive wrist-wear inspired by power, performance and design. Take the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico King Gold, at just under £35k this watch is the ultimate in luxury.

It’s been assembled by hand and is limited to 500 pieces, a truly special Christmas gift for any man, especially one that owns a Ferrari. The collaboration between the two equals perfection in terms of design, this watch was inspired by Ferrari’s body and values, another brilliant Christmas gift idea for the man who has it all (although it doesn’t actually pair up with your Ferrari or do anything particularly special, let’s get that clear).

However, the last item on our list does pair up with your supercar and do something special-ish. What’s the point of owning a supercar if nobody knows that you own a supercar? Imagine, heaven forbid, that nobody sees you park up and get out of it?

One way to show the world the power that your car keys hold is by owning the Senturion key, a wristband starting from around £40k and going up to an eye-watering £90k. The key only works with supercars, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors without the need for carrying an actual key. This isn’t the selling point, of course, each model is only made of seven limited edition pieces, with the most expensive literally covered in diamonds, and the bulky wristwear shows the world exactly what you’ve got parked outside. This has got to be the ultimate Christmas gift idea for a car collector, and just a taste of how the 1% live.

Perhaps you haven’t managed to save £200k to spend on the man in your life at Christmas, let’s be honest, how many people can say they have? In that case, we have lots of supercar and luxury car rental packages, gift vouchers and experiences ready to give that special someone a taste of their dream car or lifestyle. With gifts suitable for boyfriends, fathers, sons and brothers take a look at our fantastic offers and just make sure you don’t get caught buying socks again.