Discover the All-New Mercedes-AMG G 63, the King of the Supercharged 4x4s

Forty years after its initial release, the Mercedes G-Class finally sees some huge updates both to its looks and performance for an all-new driving experience in the luxury market. It’s also been twenty years since AMG first got their hands on the prestige hire SUV, transforming it into the beast that the rich and famous have come to love. Now available for hire, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG G 63 displays the biggest changes its ever seen, whilst retaining the extremities that make it so desirable. Updates include a new, ultra-luxurious and sporty interior, improvements in speed and performance and an even more extreme, resilient exterior design.

The New 2019 Mercedes G 63’s Interior and Exterior Design

Fans of the iconic, militarian look and feel will be pleased to know that the exterior hasn’t gravitated too much from its original design. Slight tweaks have been made to the front and rear bumpers, modernising the stunning luxury hire SUV without taking it too far away from its roots. It still has the same intimidating road presence which is so great that other 4x4s are left in the dirt, making it the perfect choice of hire car for red carpet events and occasions where you just want to stand out.

The gorgeous interior has also had an upgrade to match the outside, now looking and feeling sportier and more up-to-date. Drivers can now experience a new flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, inspired by Mercedes-AMG’s other vehicles as well as an abundance of carbon fibre from every viewpoint. Passengers also benefit from the new design, increased amounts of space mean more room for luggage and belongings as well as a more comfortable seating area, making the Mercedes-AMG G 63 the perfect prestige car to hire for luxury breaks or long-term hire for everyday living.

Improvements in Tech and Usability

Sit behind the wheel of the new 2019 G63 and you will instantly notice heavy adjustments and improvements to the inside area. One of the most prominent features is the new infotainment system which has been modified to include the best Mercedes technology, creating a better driving experience for all occupants. From here the driver can control interior climate with the added option of heating both the front and rear seats as well as additional massage functionality. With this latest generation, Mercedes finally recognises the luxurious icon that the G63 has become, reflected by state-of-the-art functionality and additional comfort throughout.

The Mercedes G 63 Hire Car’s Performance On and Off-Road

AMG are well-known for transforming beautiful Mercedes models into modern-day enigmas. How can an SUV which is so bulky and so very extravagant still have a 0-62mph speed of 4.4 seconds, even faster than some much smaller BMW and Audi models? For a start, the new G-Class is powered by a whopping 4.0 litre biturbo engine which has been handcrafted and produces insane levels of torque. Its outer body has also been redesigned and built using lightweight materials to increase both power and speed.

On UK roads, drivers can look forward to incredible performance which is replicated again off-road. Featuring several on and off-road driving modes, the new 2019 Mercedes G 63 can tackle sand, rock and trails as easily as it can drive on tarmac.

Secure Your Booking of the New 2019 Mercedes G 63

Now available to hire from Starr Luxury Cars, the 2019 Mercedes G63 is the perfect car to get you through the winter. Whether you’re looking to hire a 2019 Mercedes G63 in London or anywhere else across the UK, we deliver to any address, allowing you to feel like a true VIP either for the short or long-term. Speak to a member of our expert team to discuss your requirements and book the new Mercedes-AMG G 63 for a future event, a seasonal must-have or as a trial to help you decide whether to part with your hard-earned cash and buy one. Not only does its phenomenal performance and off-road capabilities make daily driving a breeze no matter the weather, improved comfort and design will ensure you stay relaxed and stylish, taking one of the most successful luxury cars ever made and hurling it into the 21st century.