Discover the benefits of 4x4 car hire

Never before have 4×4 vehicles been so highly sought after. Once reserved for the most adventurous of drivers, these days they are seen as both the perfect blend of family comfort and luxurious adrenaline. With iconic marques including Bentley and Lamborghini releasing their take on these robust machines, there has never been a better time to experience the feeling behind the wheel of a powerful and reliable vehicle.

The reason for the rise in popularity is 2-fold. Amid the pandemic, we discover beauty in our local surroundings. The UK in particular is widely revered for its rolling countryside and exquisite scenery. Staycations spent in previously undiscovered corners of our local area has made us curious. While our road system excels in many ways, it doesn’t satisfy the quench to discover hidden caves of beauty or corners of untouched nature. Off-roading has become increasingly popular as a means to get as much out of UK holidays as possible. Alongside this, climate change and our ever-evolving weather conditions mean that heavy rains, snow and winds are ever-more present. Drivers want reliable, safe and powerful vehicles that drink in these challenges with ease. Luxury 4×4 car hire not only allows you to dip your toes into off-roading. It also allows you to sit behind the steering wheel in some of the world’s most prestigious hire cars and embrace the safety technology used to produce the very best drives.

Discover the benefits of 4×4 car hire

Spacious, powerful and demanding the attention of every passerby. 4×4 cars are a presence all of their own. They offer improved traction in a host of dangerous driving conditions. The added weight found within their chassis heightens grip on the road, without hindering your ability to twist through turns. Inside, both the driver and passengers are afforded higher seating positions. Catch sight of potential hazards earlier on, make adjustments to your road positioning and keep those inside safe at all times. For long-haul trips or journeys with luggage, 4x4s provide additional storage space, headroom and legroom for optimal comfort. And, while moving through the roads to your end destination, you’ll catch sight of the most exquisite surroundings from the perfect driving position.

With optimal performance at every angle and a host of luxury 4×4 car hire options to choose from, turn your next trip into one to remember

Italian opulence with the Lamborghini URUS

Noted as being the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle released on to the global market, the Lamborghini URUS blurs the lines between exceptional speed and durable functionality. It captures the essence of this iconic and undeniably opulent marque that has long-established its roots in motorsport and luxury. This vehicle strongly embraces the silhouette and signature styling that has always kept Lamborghini in its prominent position. Low in the base with sleek lines and a presence that turns heads, it promises to not only get you noticed but also deliver exceptional performance on all terrains. Inside, it has been designed to bring the power, speed and capability of a jet to your fingertips. The powerful 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine pushes you through the roads, reaching 62mph in just 3.6 seconds. For drivers wishing to push it to the limits, the Urus can soar to speeds of 190mph with honed driving dynamics and performance that keep you safe at the same time. Speed isn’t the only impressive feature here. Lamborghini has invested heavily in a wealth of technology that allows the vehicle to tackle any terrain while continuing to deliver optimum performance. Take family or business associates off-road and craft an experience that blurs the lines between opulence and adventure all in one.

Slipping inside the cockpit, you’ll feel the attention to detail with every glance. The finest quality leather upholstery and carbon fibre elements have been used to craft seats to support the body through every turn. An infotainment system allows every passenger on board to relax in the pinnacle of luxury surroundings. And, ample storage space means you won’t need to dither over what items to take or how many passengers can accompany you.

Quintessentially British 4×4 with the Bentley Bentayga

Comfort and functionality merge into an undeniable powerhouse with the Bentley Bentayga. Holding the record for the fastest SUV ever built, this exquisite vehicle makes any off-road excursion possible. It continues to uphold the exceeding standards of this iconic marquee, with many details still hand-finished in England after over 100 years. The Bentayga entered the market to bring the opulence of Bentley into a larger frame – one that provides unrivalled power with a playful edge. The most adventurous of excursions, the toughest of terrains, the most influential of events – this vehicle steps into the limelight with impressive ease.

From the first glance, it’s clear that this is a 4×4 hire car with a difference. The silhouette is undeniably Bentley but redefined with a powerful edge. The signature large grill remains while the rest of the vehicle has been angled and carved for speed. As you press your foot down, the rumble of a powerful W12 engine emerges into life, accelerating you up to a top speed of 187mph. 0-60mph is possible in 4 seconds flat while extensive testing ensures that both driver and passenger experience a fully-immersive and prestigious experience at all times.

Turning off the beaten track needn’t mean compromising on comfort. Driver assistance technology and an extensively researched chassis allow it to perform well across gravel, sand and other demanding terrains. However, at its heart, the Bentayga is a showcase in the pinnacle of luxury. Set within the dashboard sits a diamond-set Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon – the most exquisite clock ever used within a car. Each seat has been hand-built with the highest level of detail at all angles. From discovering off-road tracks throughout the UK to exploring towns throughout the UK with family, 4×4 hire cars never felt so divine.

Corporate luxury with the Mercedes G63

There are times when only those well-honed and classic details fit the needs of your event. The Mercedes G63 has been in production for more than 40 years and, during that time, has continued to be an increasingly popular model. A retro vehicle that demands respect at every angle, it has the presence and power to delight – both from the inside and outside. The angular silhouette and impressive shape draw their inspiration from the military design while also making it one of the most recognisable cars on the roads right now. Tall and spacious, the 2019 G-Wagon model meets the needs of most passengers with ample leg and headroom alike.

The interior continues to delight with updated details that capture the signature AMG performance aesthetic. A redesigned dashboard and added driving modes make it easier to customise the driving experience to your needs. The suspension drinks up rough terrains, leaving you and your passengers gliding throughout an impeccably comfortable experience. The raised seating positions allow you the best view of your surroundings. Each seat has been crafted from the finest materials while carbon fibre elements significantly reduce the overall weight. Whether hiring a Mercedes for long-term hire or special events, this model has the presence to ensure you get noticed.

Under the bonnet, the 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine makes this a powerful entry into the 4×4 hire car market. Reach top speeds of 137mph, 0.9 seconds faster than the predecessor and get up to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds too. The impeccable off-road capabilities pair with power that can be felt the moment your foot touches the pedal. The Mercedes G63 rental car is one that embraces the challenges of off-road driving while promising safety and relentless style too.

Range Rover SVR

When you think of luxury 4×4 cars for hire, Range Rover is sure to come near the top of your list. The marque has become synonymous with visually demanding and exquisite vehicles that hold a presence on the road and capture the eye. 4×4 is nothing if not a blend of power and functionality and the Range Rover Sport SVR is that in abundance. It enters the portfolio as the fastest SUV released for mass-production under the iconic name. Whether you’re planning a long-term exclusive car hire for a family holiday or want to escape off-road and find adventure in the rolling hills, this prominent model will help you achieve those dreams.

Every update has been chosen to enhance performance. Increased airflow through the engine, a carbon-fibre bonnet and the sleek silhouette – all details to improve your experience. Upgrades have only been included that help you to get the best out of this 4×4 car hire. The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine takes the top speed up to 176mph and means that 0-60mph is achieved in 4.3 seconds. Details like these allow you to reach your end destination quickly while guaranteeing the glance of onlooking admirers at the same time.

Inside, premium seating and ample space mean travelling with passengers is a given. Take suitcases along for long weekends away. Pack sports gear and take clients on hospitality events they’re sure to remember. Luxury 4×4 car hire is an experience all on its own and the Range Rover SVR is an exceptional model to drive with

Find the prestige 4×4 car hire experience that fits your needs

As we’ve mentioned above, 4×4 and SUV cars for hire offer something entirely unique. The technology and research that goes into their design has been tailored to ensure the best driving experience. The Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes G63 and Range Rover SVR all grip the road with remarkable strength. Speeding through corners becomes a breeze. Taking off to new adventures and abandoning the open road needn’t be a thing of your wildest imaginations. And, tackling those harsh weather conditions transforms from a terrifying prospect to one that you are fully equipped to handle.

The beauty of 4×4 hire cars lies in their ability to meet everyone’s needs. The professional business owner who invests time building relationships with potential clients. The family that books a weekend away to switch off and be present with each other. The couple seeking romance draped in luxury from every angle. The dream car hire is just around the corner.

Discover prestige car hire with Starr Luxury Cars

With the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in the UK, Starr Luxury Cars crafts bespoke experiences for all of our customers. Our team of professionals will tailor every package to meet your needs. If off-roading is at the top of your itinerary, we can suggest the very best 4×4 car hire to suit your party and destination. Drink in the charm of coastal villages or explore urban cities with ease. Drivers seeking the ultimate in relaxation may also find convenience in our prestige chauffeuring service. Nestle into your seat and allow our well-presented, courteous and professional chauffeurs to take you on adventures that far exceed your expectation.

We are proud to offer 95% of the luxury 4×4 vehicles available on the market today. With a wide selection of colours and prestige extras to choose from, you can select the model that fits your needs exactly. Many of our clients choose these vehicles for the most important occasions, including weddings, bar mitzvahs and business trips – any event where comfort and style take precedence. So, whether you’ve fallen in love with the British air of Bentley or want to feel the Italian power of a Lamborghini between your fingertips, we can help you discover it here.

If you need help selecting the right 4×4 car hire for your next trip, please click here to view our fleet and discover the pinnacle of motoring elegance. For more information about our luxury car hire or chauffeuring services, please speak to a member of our professional Sales Team on 02036001631 (24 Hours) or email