Ferrari Officially Launches The Ferrari Roma Spider To An Exclusive Audience at El Badi Palace, Marrakesh

From the Purosangue to the SF-23, Ferrari has delivered several extraordinary vehicles over the past 12 months, and these world-renowned launches show no sign of slowing down. Wednesday 16th August 2023 saw the Maranello-based marque announce and present their latest soft-top convertible – the Ferrari Roma Spider. This innovative 2+ sports car is expected to capture the hearts of enthusiastic drivers as well as those seeking the pinnacle of bespoke design. It celebrated the Italian name’s keen focus on dynamism and elegance combined while bringing something entirely unique to its luxury car line-up. At Starr Luxury Cars, we pride ourselves on bringing the most covetable and rare vehicles into our extensive fleet. Creating tailored driving experiences that focus on your every requirement, we bring you the latest vehicles on the roads to elevate road trips to a whole new level.

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La Nuova Dolce Vita – The Ferrari Roma Spider Dissected

The Ferrari Roma is an icon within the marque’s lineup – one that originally launched in 2019 in the heart of Rome. It drew inspiration from an extensive heritage – one that dated back to the GTs of the 1960s. As a large grand tourer with an explosively powerful engine and a functional trunk, the Roma quickly became a practical option for those looking to dip their toes in Italian luxury engineering. With such a strong following, it was perhaps inevitable that a convertible option would follow and August 2023 saw that premonition come to life.

The Ferrari Roma Spider was officially presented to an exclusive audience at the El Badi Palace in Marrakesh. It holds true to its hard-top sibling, maintaining that sleek and elegant silhouette that managed to be both unique and indicative of the Italian brand’s signature styling. The key difference? A multi-layer, bespoke fabric soft top that has been crafted to offer the same acoustic comfort as other retractable hard tops. Look to the rear and you’ll notice a large rear glass screen, perfectly integrated into the roof’s geometry to optimise visibility and minimise built. The Z-shaped roof may boast up to five layers that work to reduce unwanted noise while driving, but it also slips comfortably underneath a tonneau cover when folded back. The Italian marque has managed to maintain that sleek, tapered roofline that allows the Ferrari Roma Spider to reach a top speed just under 200 mph. Tap the integrated button and occupants will find themselves exposed to the warm sunshine in just 13.5 seconds and at speeds up to 37mph. And, once stored away, the entire roof takes up just 220mm of height space, making it class-leading and ideal for storage practicality too.

SLC Starr Luxury Cars - Coveted Supercars, Ferrari Roma Spider - Ferrari presents, SZ23 Ferrari

Ferrari has also paid keen attention to the open-top experience found within the Ferrari Roma Spider. The newly launched convertible now features a patented wind deflector that deploys via a button in the central tunnel. Take a quick look and you’d be forgiven for mistaking the deflector as a real backrest. It has been padded for occupant comfort and shapes to open smoothly, even when the front seats are pushed right back on their runners. However, once activated, this intelligent feature works to reduce unwanted air pressure, improving driving performance but also minimising uncomfortable buffeting. No longer will an open-top coastal drive or motorway sprint mean a dishevelled arrival. Instead, you’ll simply be able to bask in your surroundings and cocoon yourself in Italian crafting excellence.

The final feature which sets this soft-top convertible aside from the rest is the Italian marque’s chosen fabric. The roof itself is a celebration of beauty, crafted from special fabric weaves that have been developed in a host of unique colour combinations. A two-tone weave design that used up to four different colours offers a haute-couture aesthetic. Those seeking a more sport-driven aesthetic will find themselves drawn towards the most technical fabric which brings an iridescent red finish.

SLC Starr Luxury Cars - Coveted Supercars, Ferrari Roma Spider - Ferrari presents, SZ23 Ferrari

The Ferrari Roma Spyder – A Dynamic, Elegant and Innovative Italian Addition to UK Roads

Look further than the cutting-edge soft top roof and sleek silhouette to see why the Ferrari Roma Spider promises to take luxury car driving on a whirlwind adventure. Pop the bonnet and discover the International Engine of the Year for four consecutive years. This 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is cited as one of the best ever developed in the past two decades. It offers 611bhp and 560lb-ft of torque, shooting 620PS available at 5750rpm directly to the back wheels. Drivers will find an insatiable amount of throttle response – such that you can expect the hairs on the back of your neck to lift off-end. By reducing inertia, re-directing exhaust gases and boosting pressure where needed, there’s little denying that the Roma is a convertible luxury car designed to get you to your final destination in haste.

Even the Ferrari Roma Spider’s chassis has been honed to perfection. It has already gained accolades due to its exceptional weight-to-power ratio. An all-aluminium chassis minimises excessive weight while a brand new spoiler ensures downforce isn’t ignored in the process. Taking a look at the spoiler, it’s clear that this has been designed for this specific purpose – it is a bespoke solution that slips into the elegant silhouette of the vehicle and offers three different positions – many suitable for open-top driving too. The sharpest corners, the tightest bends and the most exhilarating drives – drivers can expect a driving experience like no other when at the helm of this aerodynamic dream. Tap into Low Drag, Medium Downforce or High Downforce settings when needed. Or, when the Roma Spider’s room remains closed, enjoy the discrete rear lid that conceals the mobile spoiler to near perfection.

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Where the Ferrari Roma Spider exceeds – and has done since it originally launched as a hard top – is in its practicality. Ferrari never meant for this to be the type of luxury car hire that stayed glued to the driveway as a pretty kerb ornament. It has been crafted for everyday driving, designed to elevate weekend trips just as much as it will drive to the office. The 255-litre boot is hardly inhibited by the soft roof, accessible by the tailgate lid and offering enough space for weekend bags and shopping treats. If you need even more space, there is an additional hatch accessible via the rear seat backrests – perfect for larger bags or sporting equipment. Inside the cockpit, Ferrari has included those standard smartphone connectivity options, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Plus, even with just two seats, the Roma Spider manages to focus on occupant comfort. Each one has been crafted to perfection, focusing on ergonomics and offering heating – both throughout the seats back and via an optional neck warmer too.

Hire a Ferrari Roma Spider with Starr Luxury Cars

With the global launch having just occurred in Marrakesh, Ferrari is yet to announce an official date or UK pricing for the Ferrari Roma Spider. The luxury car hire is expected to hold a larger price tag than its coupe sibling which is unlikely to turn off those with a true passion for exceptional Italian craftsmanship. At Starr Luxury Cars, we have an extensive fleet of Ferrari vehicles available for business and leisure hire alike. The Ferrari Roma Spider will join such vehicles in our collection as the Ferrari 488 Spider and the Ferrari F8 Tributo.

SLC Starr Luxury Cars - Coveted Supercars, Ferrari Roma Spider - Ferrari presents, SZ23 Ferrari

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