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It is reported that the growth of veganism in the UK has reached an all-time high with estimates of some 600,000 people opting for this plant-based diet. Increasing consumer awareness of the detrimental impacts of eating meat and the development of technology has meant that leading food brands globally are introducing vegan options on their menus. In recent years, this shift has expanded, moving beyond the food sector and branching into all areas of daily life. And, the luxury car for hire market is one of the most recent to step into the frenzy, courtesy of some of our most illusive marques. Designing prestige cars that are crafted with veganism in mind is no small feat but some have made it a reality.

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Can a car ever truly be vegan?

According to the Vegan Society, veganism is the dispensation of all products that have been derived wholly or partially from animals. If we take this outlook and focus it on luxury cars for hire, the most obvious challenge comes in the form of leather upholstery. Once considered the epitome of luxury, many consumers are now looking for alternative options that offer the same durability without the sacrifice of animal welfare. Luxury car seats aren’t simply there to elevate the aesthetics of a vehicle. They are one of the most used components, needing to withstand staining and the constant impact of sitting and moving.

Leather steering wheels have also become commonplace and pose a challenge to the manufacturers of today. This animal-based material is one of the only of its kind that can withstand constant contact while dealing with fluctuating temperatures of heating technology. Alternative materials such as plastic or rubber have their place in some vehicles but hardly match the opulence of prestige cars for hire.

Moving deeper into the car, other elements of vehicle construction have also been questioned by the vegan community. The reliance on steel, for example, depends on the use of animal grease (namely tallow; a rendered beef or mutton fat) for lubrication. In some manufacturing setups, this by-product is also used during the vulcanisation process on rubber wheels.

And, on top of the chosen materials, there is the issue of environmental impact. Exhaust fumes and the manufacturing process have found a spotlight in the media when it comes to sustainability and the luxury car industry has a part to play in their reduction. Electric powertrains have entered the industry with a force and the leading marques have all delved in to produce their own alternative to combustion engines. However, the manufacture of electric batteries is still in question, along with concerns around their disposability at the end of life.

In 2022, with the rise in veganism continuing at a momentous rate, there are several luxury cars for hire that embrace the vegan badge with honour.



The leader – The Tesla Model 3

There’s no denying that Elon Musk broke the mould when he launched Tesla – an automotive manufacturing brand solely driven towards shifting the world to more sustainable energy. The Tesla Model 3 is its most successful launch due to its simplicity. Not only does it look great, but the vehicle comes with a fully electric powertrain which eliminates the need for petrol stops. The battery charges overnight to full capacity and can deliver up to 258 miles on an average drive. The vehicle doesn’t lack in speed either, with a top rating of 140mph and a sprint time of 5.3 seconds to 60mph.

It was also designed to be one of the safest vehicles on the road. It has a perfect 5-star NHTSA’a safety rating with ‘above-average standard safety technology’. Features such as collision warning and crash imminent braking support the driver. The chassis itself is made from thick aluminium with steel pillars and the double-hardened glass roof provides protection where other cars don’t. Even the battery has been tweaked to prevent overheating or fires – a common issue with the newer electric vehicles on the market.

However, it is the announcement by the marque that it would be fully vegan within a natte of years that meant the Model 3 peaks this list. Slip into the cushionedf seats and you’ll find yourself enveloped in vegan leather from Ultrafarbrics. This addition in 2016 made them one of the first to embrace the animal-free focus of automotive design but one component continued to cause concern – the steering wheel. The epitome of luxury in a prestige car such as this is a leather heated steering wheel. Synthetic materials have, historically, struggled to withstand the contact and temperature ranges required without premature damage. In 2019, the marque announced that they would offer a vegan steering wheel that was unheated which, while not providing the same convenience as its premium counterpart, still means that the Model 3 is now classed as a 100% vegan vehicle.

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British electric luxury with the Range Rover Evoque

The epitome of British craftsmanship, Range Rover has long been the chosen marque for dignitaries including the Royal Family. It’s no wonder that so many of us covet a spot behind their wheel, embracing the presence and power that comes with the name. Land Rover has never claimed to be 100% vegan in the same manner as Tesla. While they have announced an all-electric Range Rover to be launched into the market by 2024, their current portfolio continues to focus on powerful, rumbling combustion engines.

However, they are taking steps within this new world to offer solutions for every customer. In 2019, the marque announces that they would offer both leather-free and vegan trim options within the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Velar. Instead of leather, these new materials will be made from a range of different sources including plastic, eucalyptus fibres and Suedecloth – an innovative leather-free wool blend made to resemble suede.

Eucalyptus textiles are made from all-natural fibres and consume significantly less water during cultivation and Suedecloth is becoming widely revered for its design, utilising up to 53 recycled bottles per vehicle. These choices create a more sophisticated portfolio for the Range Rover brand while also allowing consumers to make smaller changes for the benefit of the planet and animal welfare.


Sheer luxury with vegan options in the Porsche Taycan

The name Porsche evokes many images but rarely ones of sustainability. However, the 90+-year-old brand recognises the importance of offering vegan-friendly options to its customers – particularly with the launch of their electric Porsche Taycan. Not only does the battery itself work to reduce emissions, but it also boasts a vegan leather interior option alongside the tanned Club Leather trim. The vegan alternative uses a Race-Tex microfibre material. This synthetic fabric uses a base of recycled polyester fibres while the floor covering is designed to withstand impact through Econyl® – recycled fishing nets. The production of Race-Tex also generates 80% fewer carbon emissions than traditional materials.

Vegan-friendly luxury cars for hire at Starr Luxury Cars

Prestige car hire doesn’t just afford you a unique opportunity to sit behind the wheel of some of the most enviable motor vehicles on the road. It should also sit alongside your values, giving you thrills without compromising your basic morals. 100% vegan cars, such as the Tesla Model 3, may be far and few between right now but there is no doubt that many of the industry’s leading marques will be fighting their way to the top with new models and adaptions for their most popular lines.

At Starr Luxury Cars, we craft before luxury car hire experiences for you. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a special anniversary or impressing potential clients, our portfolio hosts some of the most coveted vehicles on the market today. Align your business goals with the vehicles you choose when you opt for the Porsche Taycan or take your family on a sustainable but thrilling ride with the new Range Rover Evoque. Luxury vegan travel has never been so attainable and our friendly and professional team is on hand to help.

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