Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
Starr Luxury Cars Bentley Bentayga Los Angeles Hire
We regularly check our competitors prices to ensure that ours are the lowest on the market today. If you find a Bentley Bentayga for hire in Miami cheaper than the prices listed on this website and we aren’t able to price match, We will provide you with 10% off your next luxury car hire with us. Ask our sales team for more details.
WHEELBASE 2,992 MM (117.8 IN) LENGTH 5,141 MM (202.4 IN) WIDTH 1,998 MM (78.7 IN) HEIGHT 1,742 MM (68.6 IN) CURB WEIGHT 2,440 KG (5,379 LB)


For many, a trip to Los Angeles isn’t complete without feeling truly immersed in the city’s opulent luxury and the only way to do this right is by hiring a Bentley Bentayga First Edition. A celebration of the finest additional extras and features that this iconic British marque has to offer, this exotic car is said to be the ultimate Bentayga on the roads. It is large, impressive and exudes grandeur – the perfect vehicle to explore the City of Angels in and drink in the star-studded surroundings.

In a city of beautiful beaches, exquisite real estate and the world’s most famous movie stars, the Bentley Bentayga First Edition enters with its own air of luxury. It is a British-pedigree vehicle through-and-through, handcrafted and finished to perfection. Everything from the large chassis through to the demanding front grille calls for attention as you glide down the road. Even the iconic aeronautically inspired emblem taking pride of place on the bonnet ensures that every passer-by recognises its air of importance. As a car designed for slow, relaxed drives, take a trip down to Paradise Cove or Beverly Park to spot some of the city’s most revered real estate. Indulge in the most iconic names within fashion and entertainment with a stopover in Rodeo Drive for an afternoon of luxury shopping at its finest. Or take a picnic up to Griffith Park, stopping at the observatory and admiring the Art Deco-inspired dome while looking down at one of the best viewpoints in the entire area.

When released, only 600 Bentley Bentayga First Editions were crafted. The super-luxurious car hire has been specifically designed to showcase the best of the best from the marque. Each one embodies all of the features, finishes and added touches that ensure Bentley remains at the pinnacle of its sector. The Bentayga’s silhouette remains just as head-turning and impressive on the road as ever. However here, you’ll spot the covetable First Edition Union Jack badging, 22” polished black wheels and illuminated tread plates.

Inside the cockpit, the focus on exceptional detail continues. The marque’s Diamond within Diamond quilted leather detail envelopes the chairs and doors while bespoke ambient lighting makes it easier to customize your experience. You’ll also find the same hand-crafted and perfect wooden and metal details throughout as well as more First Edition badges to ensure you remember where you are. You’ll also find deep pile floor mats to sink your toes into and LED welcome lamps that create a haven of comfort and style. Choose from four, five or seven-seat configurations with added extras including captain chairs and quilted backboards for heightened privacy.

It’s not just in the aesthetics that the Bentley Bentayga First Edition thrives. Underneath the bonnet, you’ll find a powerful 6.0-litre twin turbo W2 engine, delivering 600bhp to your fingertips. If you have the space, 0-62mph can be achieved in just 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 187mph hints at the thrills capable when behind the wheel. Choose a model with the Touring Package and you get a keen focus on technology and safety. Adaptive cruise control and traffic assist keep you and every passenger safe on the roads while night vision and head-up display make it easier to enjoy the drive at any time during the day. Bentley’s Dynamic Ride technology counteracts body roll for a silky ride, even when you start playing with the available 600bhp on more windy roads.

The Bentley Bentayga First Edition is an ultra-luxurious hire car that has been crafted to optimum standards. It calls out for back-seat relaxation, making it the perfect partnership for our professional chauffeur experiences. Equally, taking to the wheel and feeling the power of this impressive car is something everyone should experience once in their life. And, there truly is no other place to do this to its fullest than surrounded by the tropical and oceanic beauty of Los Angeles.

At Starr Luxury Cars, we have the largest fleet of luxury cars for hire in LA. Our professional and friendly team are on hand at all times to help personalize your experience. From short and long-term hire to added extras including premium alcohol packages and bodyguards, we’re here to ensure your next drive ticks every single box.

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